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Have you got your favourite item in your wardrobe that every time you wear it, you get compliment after compliment about the colour on you? Want this to happen every time you get dressed in the morning?

Did you know that wearing the colour that is in harmony with your skin tone, hair and eye colour will have an uplifting effect?

When you wear colour near your face, the light reflects it upwards, this can cast either flattering tones or dark shadows depending on the mix of the colour of your skin tone.

This is why it is important to work out and know which colours are right for you. Here at Wendy's we have our Wardrobe Angels (In home fashion stylists) that offer a colour consultation where they will let you know whether you are a summer, winter, autumn or spring colouring and which group of colours will add life to your face.



Do you know which colours are your colours? To find out contact our Wendy's Wardrobe Angels for a colour consultation either in-store or we come to you at your home. To find out more information click here 

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  • Jan: March 13, 2014

    How much does a colour consultation cost?

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