Behind The Scenes: Summer 14 in the making...

As we headed to the airport for our midnight flight bound for Hong Kong, we were amped up and excited for a completely new experience of sourcing fabrics far from the usual beaten track. Summer 15 is the season our Wendy's label will be launched into a complete range of co-ordinated colour, texture and edgy new styling to be teamed up with our essentials that we all know and love. As we stepped onto the plane our minds were full of potential possibilities we had hoped for weeks we would see, but we wouldn't know how this trip would go as it was all new territory-which made it that much more exciting!

Our first day in Hong Kong was full of research of all the current trends happening all over the world; the new silhouettes, hot colours and styling to pull it all together. We spent the next two days preparing our designs to finalize a collection of trend driven, edgy but wearable fashions that we were brimming with excitement over. We were able to push hard these two days as we found comfort in the familiar city from many trips previously. But this was only the start of the stop, fabric finding!

 The next 3 days were the most exciting of our trip as we headed into the mainland of China to a huge fabric market that we were told was the size of Tauranga itself! We took the opportunity to catch a nap on the train trip up so we would be ready to hit the ground running...

We checked into our hotel, freshened up and got ourselves ready to head onto this market that we had been in preparation for weeks! Today we were on our own, it wasn't until tomorrow our maker would join us in the market to help us translate as no one speaks English. It gave a whole new meaning to body language being a universal language!

When we reached the market, it was like all your 5 senses were being assaulted at once! the noise, the smell, the visual organised chaos was a complete shock....but thrilling all at the same time. We stood at the centre of a five storied building (one of many) that were filled with hundreds of fabric stalls. As we stood there taking it all in, we were startled back into movement by Cars, Vans, motorized bikes, trolleys and pedestrians tooting their horns and weaving through the traffic in all different directions simply on their own agenda to deliver and pick up. We quickly learnt that you had to keep moving and find your own definite direction fast so we headed for the escalators.

We spent some time searching through fabric stores trying to find our key fabrics to start with but with the language barrier we weren't getting very far. Across the road we spotted two western women, hoping dearly, we approached them to see if they spoke English...and sure enough they did! They helped us towards the buildings full of laces (HUGE again next season!) and textures. We were set for the afternoon ferreting through all the stores finding a multitude of lust worthy fabrics. Our favourite of the day were the ornate floral printed laces we found, perfect for our new season skirt.


The next day our maker joined us at the market and we battled the chaos once again purchasing our fabrics and continuing to find more. After the 3rd and final day at the market we were exhausted. Totally over stimulated, completely body fatigued and absolutely ecstatic at our designs coming together. Next step was to train down to Shenzhen to put our creations and ideas into production.

It was a full day putting it all into production but we felt very grateful for our fantastic makers (sisters in a family company who own a small factory), they were quick and very onto it - exactly what we needed after a very long hard working week!

Our last day was spent back in Hong Kong picking up some stock Wendy has hand-picked  for some new exciting fashions in-store now, so if you haven't been in to check it out yet make sure you do. Stunning texture and splicing of knitwear - HOT! Straight from Hong Kong!


We are so excited to be launching our new Wendys range to you all next season, so watch this space!









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