Fine Jewellery's time to shine

For a few seasons now the shift has been quite strong, fashion has moved towards a more simple, clean and delicate look, while still being strong and directional.

                                           Don't get us wrong, there will always be a place for statement jewelry, it's simply the time to bring out your finer accessories for an airing. 


We asked Jo Tory, founder of Najo, what she thought of this new trend and how it has influenced their latest range - She says “Our jewellery has always been

characterised by clean, simple lines. With the current trend towards finer jewellery, we have simply translated this design ethos into more romantic and delicate pieces”.


We are in love with the pieces that have a real personalized element to them as they spark a sentimental value in you that you hold onto dearly.
It's gorgeous pieces like Najo's Prayer cylinder necklace where you can hold positive quotes or affirmations in the cylinder and carry these around with you.
Najo's gift of love pendant holds four photo's intricately folded up to a stunning ball that people can wear as a forever staple. 
For those of you that still like your chunky rings, this stunner has the best of both worlds, fine filagree detail but really is a statement piece all on it's own.
This is "The Wanderer Ring" by Najo
And for our devoted cross lovers, we haven't left you out... We have the Najo "Bless Me Necklace".
Beautiful fine detail around the neckline with any outfit, you'll never take it off!
This would be my favourite piece of the range, the "Promises To Keep Necklace". Not only does it give you impact with
several layers of fine chains but each is in a different colour making it the most versatile 'go to' piece for your wardrobe.
The components are sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver and rose gold plated sterling silver.
These are just a wee taste of the special pieces we have in-store for you,
We just love the Mexican flair Najo has to each of their pieces and the thought that goes into each and every one.
Any questions on our stunning Najo range, just drop us a comment below or call us in-store on (07) 5782867 x
Wendy's Boutique


Wendy's Boutique

Hi do you still stock the Najo ‘Bless me necklace’? & do you deliver to QLD Australia? Thankyou.

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