NZ Fashion Week 2014

I'm still reeling from our amazing experience at fashion week, we were up there for three full days of fun packed appointments, annual catch up sessions with New Zealand retailers and jaw dropping excitement from the fashion shows. And they did not disappoint, we saw three fashion shows while we were up; Trelise Cooper and Cooper, Andrea Moore and Coop all on different days. 
We particularly love our experience each year at the Trelise Cooper fashion show as she always keeps us guessing! we walk in without a clue what we will see and will always leave desperate to see the range again and of course order half the collection for our own personal wardrobes! For a fashion lover who can really appreciate the creativity and the amount of work that goes into one of these shows, she really gets your blood pumping and you find yourself wanting to have a complete makeover in the 'new look' that's heading our way for the new season.
Cooper was first to show and to my delight was a tactile lovers dream with a strong modern bohemian feel with feminine prints, animal skin textured leather jackets and fringing on gritty textured jackets. After flooring us with eclectic textures and free spirited sheer layers they moved us into simplistic relaxed suiting mixed up with bold lettered tees in Black, white and Navy that everyone could see themselves in. The footwear really set the outfits off in sleek low cut ankle boots with a pointed toe - definite 'must have' look for next Winter if you're not already in them now.
Trelise Cooper was all about statement sculptural silhouettes creating beautiful form in bold but beautiful prints. Shades of pastels contrasted with a rich red packed a punch while Pink and red worked the catwalk and was a complete crowd pleaser. Our faithful friend black was back but reworked with some real sex appeal playing on sheers and design lines. It was a beautiful range with inspiring new silhouettes we can't wait to try.
Andrea Moore took us by complete surprise by serenading us with the talented Ginny Blackmore to start and finish the show, Setting the tone with bright bold colours in sophisticated coats, fun prints that just popped off the runway and a new side collection "I Am" co-created with Andrea Moore and emerging designer Jacenta Kwan. The show buzzed with a fun, playful, vibrant energy with a surrealist undertone. Andrea Moore's latest venture showcased on the runway was her new Eyewear collection featuring fashion forward colours and shapes that we couldn't keep our eyes off!
Our final show was Coop by Trelise Cooper co-designed with Kayla Jurlina, The range broke onto the stage with a carelessness and easy going vibe with loud, bright, bold pop art cartoon motifs and oversized de-constructed sweatshirting. Military takes on a fun twist with khaki making it's way in the spotlight back with Coop's #The New Army tees. Simplistic dressing but never without the details, the models donned high tech new age watches on their wrists and completed their pared back style with Nike's latest sport shoe range. Their make-up and hair was the favourite of the week with minimal natural makeup; nude coloured lips and eyes and losely tied back tresses in a nonchalant fashion.
Now that it's all over, I am still buzzing from the freshness and excitement that fashion week creates for all us fashion lovers, a massive thank you to all our labels that continue to excite us by participating at fashion week, keeping it alive for all of us to share.
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