Modern Military

  1. Cooper 'The Layers Club' jacket   2. Ink Drill Canvas jacket 3. Coop 'Ruffle Dutch' dress 4. Ink Aztec jacket 5. Ink Waterfall jacket 6. Ink Trench


Never too far from the limelight, Modern military was ignited again for winter by Marc Jacobs taking inspiration from the Vietnam war on the runways in Europe. As Apparel magazine puts it perfectly his interpretation of modern military is "fusing functional elements like pockets and buttons with a silhouette that speaks to feminine proportions". This ideal has flowed down to our own designer where each design has a structured masculine look but is balanced out by a feminine essence. Whether it be a beautiful quote, pulled in waist to accentuate a women's figure or draped in frills to offset a traditional camo cloth.

Verge refers to a top trend as 'The Alpha Jacket' - "Not for many season's has the jacket been so important; from soft and sporty, to cosy cabin jacket styles, to water and wind repellent through to the new, strong fashion pieces - in particular the 'boyfriend' look and military styling.

Here at Wendys we are dubbing the khaki coat as the must have trend of the season, and the beauty of this hot trend is it's an investment piece. You won't find yourself carting it off to your local pre-loved store anytime soon, it will be a key piece in your wardrobe for years to come.


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