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It's about now I find I have nothing to wear in my wardrobe. All my tran-seasonal pieces feel old and tired in desperate need of an update. I am trying relentlessly to get into my Autumn wardrobe but by mid afternoon I'm stifling and just feel completely over dressed. I used to battle with this every season until I found the perfect solution...Frank & Eileen shirts!

I have several of these in my wardrobe and they are perfect for the in-between weather, and you will all be very excited about their new shape they have bought in! they still have their classic fitted shape for all of you that love the brand and their style but they have also introduced an easier fit through the body for a more relaxed look.

With pops of bright colours and luxurious Italian woven yarns they inject a real vibrancy and sense of 'happy' to your wardrobe. Brighten your day by picking from their latest range that is full of fun and of course, made in sunny California.




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