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As I write to you from the beaches of Phuket, I ponder on my thoughts of how it feels to in some ways be a whole new person as Mrs Kylie Duncan. Last week we had our perfect day 'tying the knot' filled with so much excitement and well, just sheer joy. But now days later as the thrill of it all subsides and many long relaxing days with nothing but picturesque white sand beaches and the comforting notion of being another's everything, I've stumbled upon the thought of there no longer being a Kylie Torr.

For years this has been my identity, everything of who I am, what I have achieved, what I have learnt and all my blissful memories I've curated consolidated into my name. After a brief wave of anxiety boiling in my belly my train of thought turns and the idea of a new name instantly inspires a new start and fresh beginnings - (something I'm obsessed with finding excuses for as a chronic ENFP personality trait). But then it dawns on me, we do this everyday with how we express ourselves creatively.

I don't need a reason to start each day with a new ideal of what the day is to bring. We do this already through meditation, affirmations, art, music and the list goes on...for me, this is definately through fashion. It's through what I wear each day, it affects how I feel, and even how I interact with others, And I'm sure it's the same for all our fashion tribe out there.

On a daily basis we get to choose who we are going to be that day. Are we going to be sophisticated and sharp, immaculate, feeling confident, even sexy and dress in a way that will lead into drawing others attention (in a good way of course!) and open the gates to opportunities? Or perhaps we are feeling low on reserves and am in desperate need of a day where you simply blend in, your clothes choices need to make your life easier, helping you out with practicality, perhaps you don't want to feel made up and bound by a look, you want your hair to fly free and your skin to breathe freely make up free. Everyday we give off small nuances that gives us our platform for the day - I LOVE THIS! It gives us the opportunity to communicate ourselves openly without even a whisper of a word.

A few years ago, through an incredibly hard time for me I had to leave work in such a state my colleagues thought I wouldn't be back for the rest of the week, but when I woke from a long deep sleep (worlds best medicine for the worst of days!) I picked myself up, dragged myself into the shower and stood there facing myself in the mirror. I said "right. I'm going to make myself look as good on the outside as I want to feel on the inside" that's how I expressed to everyone my determination and that I would be ok and it helped me make it through the day.

Don't get me wrong, I have my fair share of days where I simply don't have the motivation to pick myself up or even feel that I should, BUT, my point is I have a choice to use it as a motivational tool, a mindset changer to help us and inspire us - and that is a beautiful thing.

So as Mrs Kylie Duncan, I've decided to leave behind the frivolous notion of "new beginnings" in exchange for simply being me who has a 'fresh start' each and everyday starting with my wardrobe!


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