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When the winter months start looming over us, it forces us to take a hard look at our wardrobe and be honest with what we really wear so we can make room for some much needed winter woolys to keep us cosy over the colder months. But for me, this Winter I just can't seem to part with what I have as each and every piece I fell in love with once and that sentiment just keeps me holding on! What I do now is get much craftier in how I store my clothes and little tricks I use to keep my wardrobe looking fresh and new even if it's actually a couple of seasons old. 

First and foremost, we all want to make sure that our clothes (especially our beautiful knitwear) aren't getting nibbled on by little bugs that seem to make their way into our closets without us knowing! The best way to keep moths and crickets out is to store fresh sachets of lavender, bay leaves or cedar wood in amongst our clothes. My favourite to use is lavender as I love the smell when I open my wardrobe and it's easy for me to keep fresh batches as I grow it in my garden. All I do is simply pick a couple of bunches, string them up and hang them upside down from my wardrobe rail or de-head the flowers and make little sachets for them to sit in your draws, to enhance the fragrance I will often pop a couple of drops of lavender oil in there as well.



I'm a huge fan of hanging all my clothes (essentials included) as I'm such a visual person and if I cant see it hanging there I do forget I even have it! And of course you can fit so much more in a small space hanging. However, there is one exception to the rule... Knitwear. Hanging is a huge no no when it comes to knitwear, the longevity of your woolens will double keeping them folded. Hanging tends to create 'hanger ears' in the shoulders and leaves garments out of shape and will grow leaving them looking tired. Make sure you have good storage of shelving in your wardrobe and scatter your sachets in among the folded piles. I have to admit, I would just die for a wardrobe like this one but the truth is I just have far too many clothes for this minimalistic look! but I love it.



If you've been into see us lately, you would have seen our most stunning scarf selection so far...from beautiful natural fibres of modal, cashmere, wool and silk to our more price pointed viscose blends, we have something for every outfit. For storing scarves so you can still see them in all their glory I like to invest in a few scarf hangers, these are fantastic space savers. Or if you are on a budget or haven't purchased yours yet, use a hanger with a bar to tie your scarves onto.



Those crisp mornings have had us reaching for our Winter knits as of late and I've had several friends pull out their favourite piece of knitwear to find it covered in holes, this isn't always moths or bugs! According to Who What Wear “The key to storing your wool and cashmere is to make sure it’s clean when you pack it up, because bacteria creates holes and contamination.” You can run your knits through a gentle cycle in the washing machine--just be sure to let them air-dry after and remember Cashmere actually gets better the more you wash it. If you are opting to store your knitwear away in airtight containers or vacuum packed bags just be sure they are completely dry with no moisture.



 So there you have it, a few tricks and tips on making more space in your wardrobe and how to keep those gems looking brand new and lasting longer...Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive your daily tip on caring for your knitwear throughout our Knitwear promotion we have running in-store till the 1st May.




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