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 3 Key Trends
There’s a lot of talk of ‘feel good fashion’ this season, and when you see what designer clothing is hitting the racks it’s easy to see why. These are clothes that are designed to party in; an abundance of embellishments from sparkles to tassels to feathers is sure to lift the mood, and when the fun stuff creeps into the staples as well, you know you’re in for a good time. Combine the frivolity with the stunning colour palettes and prints, and you know that no matter what else is happening, there’s going to be a good time in your wardrobe.
Here are just three of the looks you’ll want to get in on:


Sequins really do seem to go from strength to strength. We’ve watched as the lines have blurred between day and night for the trusty sparkle, and this ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ feel certainly seems to be a trademark for this upcoming season. Loobies Story has a really cool little bomber jacket in Indigo and Rose Gold, which – despite being totally sequined, is absolutely perfect for daywear. Ditto for the Loobies Story top, which with its relaxed style can be paired with everything from jeans to satin pants. If you prefer to just accessorise with bling then you’re in luck – the Lilly Tote bag is a tactile dream, with sequins sewn onto velvet, and backed with leather. For a little Parisian chic the Glitz Skinny Scarf will add just the right amount of sparkle dust.
3 Key Trends Loobies Story


Hurrah for the kitten heel! It has tip-tapped its way down the catwalk, and right onto the foot of every fashionista. With its cute low heel, the kitten has always scored for its subtle combination of comfort and sexy. Chaos & Harmony has released a little black twinkly number in suede with a teeny-tiny dot feature that can be matched with everything from dresses to pants to jumpsuits. Another shout out to the fifties is from Emily & Fin. The gorgeous cotton dress collection showcases the full midi-skirt synonymous with the fifties and oh so on trend right now, paired with quirky prints. Ever so slightly retro in feel, little style touches like the collar on the shirt dress bring these babies right up to speed on the fashion stakes. I have to confess, the more I stare at them, the more I fall in love.
Key Trends Emily And Fin


The ruffle is the embellishment of choice for some of our favourite New Zealand Designers. It’s getting in on the act wherever it can, and it serves to take a simple style and elevate it to fash-tastic. The Cooper Who Gives A Shirt has wrapped its ruffle, which is a wonderful way to use the feature but without adding too much bulk. Ink has used it on sleeves and hemlines; the Sunday Best Top has been cleverly funked up with a frill, while a glance at the Ink Stuck In The Midi Dress will find cool ruffle detailing on a gloriously casual T-shirt dress. And do my eyes deceive me, or is the Coop Goody Tutus skirt a nod to the king of ruffle, the rah-rah skirt?! A closer look at this spring beauty shows the top is actually smocked, which means it will give a close, flattering fit, yet will be the easiest piece to pull on and off. For those who long for comfort on those warm spring days – look no further.
Key Trends, Ruffles
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Written By Nicky Adams


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