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The world of designer fashion is a glorious one, filled with frippery, fun and frivolous whimsy. Fashion is something that is essentially designed to make us feel wonderful, and of course to help us express ourselves and bring out the best in our bodies and features. I recently read an article based on the pet peeves of a fashion editor; it listed off people’s ‘mistakes’. Harsh, I thought, very harsh. There should be no right or wrong, we are individuals - so lets look at some handy fashion hints that will help enhance our good bits.

Whats Your Favourite Part

The most golden of golden rules has to be the one that says when it comes to that special outfit, pick your body part. One focal point only is key – you don’t want different areas of your outfit competing for attention. So if you are going to emphasise (read expose) your cleavage, then be frugal with the amount of leg that you show. Equally if you are going for a leggy look, keep your puppies under wraps. Essentially the eye should be drawn to one area; flick your mind to every fashion icon or sultry seductress out there (even Jessica Rabbit) – for successful styling this rule is timeless.
Whats Your Favourite Part

Mix Loose With Tight

Another key tip is to pair loose with tight. Yes there are exceptions – notably the female FBI agents on CSI who showcase skin-tight from top to toe, look amazing and still move like ninjas. However, for most of us a looser top with a tighter bottom, or vice versa is a more flattering look. For figure hugging a high quality fabric is also essential – check out Paula Ryan’s amazing fabric choices for fitted garments. If, conversely, the baggy top and bottom look is one that you love, there are ways to wear it to look slightly less pajama like. Layer in a tight item, such as an exposed vest top, to give a bit of shape, and that way the baggy can billow with beauty.
Mix Loose With Tight

To Stripe or Not To Stripe

The idea that Vertical stripes are slimming is not just a fashion myth. This is a fact that has been supported by a study on perception. Word on the street is that horizontal stripes can make you look taller, however approach this with caution – these styles are probably best taken on a case-by-case basis because they can also sometimes make you look wider. If the cut is clever stripes can definitely work in your favour, which is why it’s worth looking at NZ Designers, such as Taylor Boutique, who really work to flatter women’s figures.
Stripe Or Not To Stripe

Lengthen Your Legs

If you want longer legs, you don’t have to resort to a stretching rack. Nude /flesh coloured pumps make your legs grow. By picking a shoe to match your skin tone you are effectively elongating the look.  A neutral shade of footwear is perfect if you are going for a bold colour choice for an outfit. Metallic is also great, as it will tie in without tying you down to a specific colour. You can then fly free with the rest of your accessorizing.

 Dress For Your Figure

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, dress for your figure, not your age. Being dictated to by our age is as passé as a cheese and pineapple hedgehog. There are plenty of ways to keep wearing shorter skirts, or tighter outfits and still looking age appropriate. Of course it’s worth being circumspect, and little things may need tweaking – budget being one of them. Invariably the cut, the fabric and the nuance of style are such that boutique clothing will still give you an on trend look, but with a smidge more elegance. So dig deep, and go forth and rock those looks.
 Trelise Cooper A Pearl Like Me Dress
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Written By Nicky Adams


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