Introducing 'Lamb'

Floating down the walkway getting caught up in the wind as we made our way down the alleyway to photograph our new Italian label Lamb, I remember thinking - We haven't seen any silk that compares to this. The softness to it gives the perfect drape to easy fitting styled dresses and tops with a effortless chic about them. To wear, it's like the softest whisper of a touch that is so luxurious on the skin.


Simple styles leave room for beaded applique and embroidery that sets each piece off with a unique difference. Each piece is lined with either layers of the finest Italian seta silk or 100% viscose. Those natural fibres are going to be what we all want to wear. I can't emphasize the quality enough, each piece has been handcrafted in Italy.


Lamb Silk dress with sequin detail



You will find an array of colours from your brights to your muted tones with styles you will be drawn to day in and day out because they're just so easy to wear, comfortable and look sensational...Click here to shop the most luxurious Lamb garments.


Lamb silk rose top    Lamb silk trio colour dress


Lamb floral silk dress    Lamb floral silk dress


Lamb Silk Dress    Lamb Lace and Silk Dress


Lamb Silk Sequin detail dress    Lamb Silk and sequin detail dress


Lamb silk and sequin detail dress    Lamb Silk Top


Lamb Lace Print Silk Top    Embroidered Lamb Silk Top


To see more styles click through to Lamb HERE

Photography by Swift & Click







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