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The Sweet Sensations Of The Big Day

It was hard not to get sucked into the fanfare of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Regardless of how you feel about the royal family or celebrities, or that heady combination of both in the same room, if you have any interest in fashion at all, it was a must watch. The dress of course was always sure to whip us up into a frenzy, but unless you’re about to get married, the influence of that on our lives is limited. On the other hand peeking at the guest wear was, for most of us, voyeurism at its best. The sheer joy of live streaming the wedding guests was impossible to get past. I think it’s slightly churlish to pick out hits and misses, because essentially this was a wedding, and there’s a code of conduct, but when the majority of those before us had the pick of top designers, it’s a great way to get a feel for the fashion waves that will come rippling towards us.
There were a couple of standouts, and I think undeniably those in mustard yellow were amongst them. Amal Clooney took that ray of sunset sunshine and ran with it. Whilst this was perfect for spring, its mustard rather than lemon tones make it one that also fits like a glove for winter. This look certainly caused a stir, apparently ranking the number one searched dress from the guest list – and for those without a Stella McCartney budget, searches simply for yellow dresses have been reported to have soared by 1,500 %.  With yellow screaming as the colour that every fashionista is going to have on their ‘must have’ list, it’s hard not to run straight out and snap up the Cooper Build Me Up Buttercup coat, which predicted this colour trend to a T. If the sheer boldness of one block colour is too much, it can be worked into a floral a la Carey Mulligan, whose Erdem dress has incidentally has been touted as the second most searched, post wedding. But hey, if Erdem is off limits, panic not – Trelise Cooper has come to the yellow floral party with her stunning Kiss From A Rose and When We First Met dresses.
Not surprisingly sitting comfortably in third place in the ‘most searched’ popularity stakes was apparently Serena Williams in her blush pink Valentino. This body conscious cut is classic, and the appeal of an understated but fitted style is hard to get past. The colour is equally enduring regardless of season, which is why despite the fact that we are approaching winter, it is one that is dominating the racks and shelves. From the outrageously stunning Trelise Cooper Kiss On The Chic to the Coop Great Lengths and Cowl Play dresses, and even the All You Can Pleat top, pretty in pink is the name of the game.
When it comes to the colour palette of the day, sorbets undeniably ruled, and it would be impossible not to notice the pastel green theme. The sheer fact that both the Queen and mother of the bride were wearing varieties of green is enough to predict that it will trend. Incidentally, and for the record, my personal favourite was one that didn’t top the lists, but hey, who cares, for me it was the Dolce & Gabbana worn by Lady Kitty Spencer that got the royal party started.
Nicky Adams


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