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Autumn – The Ultimate A-List Season
The latest collections have dropped in store, and to celebrate the occasion Wendys hosted its Grand Opening on Monday  (while Tilda will be flinging its doors open and revealing rail upon rail of new season fashion Monday 17th). Coinciding with the Oscars, for the fashionista it was the perfect day on the style calendar. While Hollywood brought us a snapshot of aspirational haute couture and an overview of some of the trending styles, here in Tauranga, Wendys opening was also one filled with inspiration and dazzling fashion options. The day was bright and sunny, and within the store there were shimmering silks, smooth knit wools and jacquards…a cacophony of colour and texture. Ok so we may not be in LA, but we can still dress like A-listers.
Autumn is universally a huge moment in the designer’s diary – and even with the drive towards the fashion calendar becoming one of collections rather than seasonally based (sensible for the global audience that most designers now cater for), nothing beats the excitement of the big reveal of a new season. And this Autumn did not disappoint – amongst the rails filled with Trelise Cooper, Sills, Taylor, Blak and Standard Issue to name but a few, the colours scooted across the palette. There were vibrant emeralds, soft, soft pinks, inky blues and muted autumnal hues. It’s all here, and what’s most exciting is the combinations of both fabric and tones. 
Autumn – The Ultimate A-List Season
Every time shades of green come into the fashion forefront, it’s like falling in love all over again. The rich green tones that were trending at the Oscars could be seen in some stunning gowns – Sigourney Weaver wore draped emerald, Florence Pugh wore teal, and Greta Gerwig showcased olive. The celebrities have cemented a colour trend that has re-ignited this season – look no further than Trelise Cooper. This season she has played with emerald satin and the result is divine – the maxi skirt falls to the floor with a shimmer, while the duster coat combines the lux of the fabric and the colour with the easy fit of a garment that is perfect for everything from work to evening. Green also features in her tulles and Tees.
Autumn – The Ultimate A-List Season
A hot trend is the combination of soft and hard tones – pale pastel pink with black is a look that works really well as we leave summer, and by mixing up textures the effect is even more striking. My pick of the Oscar gowns was one which displays this look to perfection, seen on Caitriona Balfe, a sheer pink blouse over a structured black skirt looked not just picture perfect but also incredibly achievable. Laura Dern and Gal Gadot also rocked this colour combo.
Loobies Story Vanessa Blouse $299 + Isaac + Lulu Becky Skirt $359
Loobies Story Emilia Shirt $299+ Cooper Lickety Split Skirt $699
Ruffles were a big feature on the red carpet, as was the one shoulder look. For most of us one-shoulder dresses or tops are tricky to navigate unless you have silicon on your side – failing fake boobs, an excellent strapless bra is your only option, and can be hard to find. Nevertheless, if you can nail the undergarments then this trend is huge, and Autumn is the perfect time to try it out. Ruffles are on point, and far easier to factor into your outfit. They are also open to so many different style interpretations that they can be super fun to play with – from boho to retro, they can lighten up and add fun while still remaining incredibly stylish.
Autumn – The Ultimate A-List Season
 If you missed Wendys opening, then try and fit a quick shimmy into Tilda on Monday 17th Feburary – being first in the door to see the new season is as close to opening a Christmas present that you’ll get outside of Christmas!
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Written By Nicky Adams


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