Knocking On New Season’s Door

Autumn Trends Part 1
Everywhere in the fashion world, autumn is met with a frission of excitement. Put bluntly, it’s the biggest whoop of all the seasons. The first autumn issue of any fashion mag is notoriously the meatiest, jammed with delights. Why so? Well, the school year – and in the Southern Hemisphere a new year also - has begun. For many, after the hiatus that summer often brings, work is starting to amp up. It’s a time of renewal, maybe even a personal transformation – and for most of us, if we need a bit of a makeover then the wardrobe is by far the best place to start.

Colour Choices

Great news – hold onto your pants (even if they are last season’s) - there are some pretty amazing trends to get your teeth into this autumn. When it comes to the colour palette, there really is something for everyone. Green is a great start point, and with a range that spreads with gay abandon from moss through to lime, it is hugely versatile. Little surprise to see that Trelise Cooper, with her love of theatre has chosen to showcase emerald; conversely Random label brings us on-trend khaki. The big story this season is beige – and for lovers of a neutral palette, beige on beige. Gloriously practical it’s also chic enough to make your toes curl with delight.
Colour Choices
Lovers of reds will be thrilled to see everything from pillar box to Bordeaux are totally on fire this autumn. Golden tones in the form of sunset yellows through to shades of rust and bronze are going strong, and for trans-seasonal looks it’s wonderful to add that pop of colour. On the metallic front silver is nudging ahead, and it’s a tone that perfectly suits some of the 80s styles that are so strong this season. The bright blues are also reminiscent of this era, and are back with a vengeance. For those that are more inclined to a subtle splash of colour, then there are some gorgeous pale pinks, but this more conservative shade has been juxtaposed with funky designs.
Colour Crush

Fabric of Life

One major way for designers to signal in a new season is through fabric choices.  Even at this early stage, 2019 has an air of lux about it that will have lovers of fine things jumping with joy. Velvet is definitely a player, and is finding its way on to some very fancy footwear. Chaos & Harmony is clearly going mad for the look, and has up styled some classic shoe styles, transforming them with this beautiful cloth. If you think at a glance these aren’t for you, then it’s really worth giving them a whirl. I always think flat pointed mules are better suited to smaller feet, but even my size 40s looked pretty great, and with a wide leg pair of pants or boyfriend jeans, these are killer.
Fabric Of Life Suede
Corduroy has made the kind of insane comeback usually reserved for soap opera actors – it’s MASSIVE this season. But if you’re envisaging the crispy constraints of needle cord, then think again. This is soft jumbo cord that envelops and comforts – and looks sensational. For extra good measure Cooper has thrown some lycra into its corduroy pants, making them a total go to for leisure wear. Those that love a light weight fabric can rest assured they haven’t been forgotten; pleats are still very much on trend so as a result there are some beautiful chiffons and floaty fabrics for those whimsical moments.
Fabric Of Life
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Written By Nicky Adams


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