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Days are dull but fashion still pops – 3 easy looks to put together


The classic mantra ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ sometimes genuinely means that there is quite simply nothing in the wardrobe that’s going to work. Other times it means that you may have stacks of stuff crammed in there, but don’t have the time to bring it out, try it on and create the look you want. I have to confess I have plenty of ingredients, but sometimes the resulting meal is no culinary delight.


A common mistake, and one I make time after time, is to just assume that the outfit I’d thought about in theory, was in practice going to work. Then, with five minutes to go before rushing out of the door, I throw it on and realize it’s too tight, too stained or just too impractical (case in point, a short pleated skirt on a windy day – Marilyn Monroe I am not).  

The answer – and as an exceptionally unorganized person, it hurts me to even put this in print – is, according to many a fashion expert, to plan ahead. Particularly if it’s an evening out or event, don’t just visualize what you think is going to work. Give yourself time to bring the dream to life – and if it turns out to be more of a nightmare, then you still have time to re-think. Lay it out (step one in ensuring that your all important statement piece isn’t in a heap on the laundry floor), then try it on (step two in ensuring the skinny pants are not now too skinny). Terribly tedious yes, but by not leaving it to chance you are definitely cutting down on a stress overload. 

So here’s a look at what’s on trend and what’s going to make you feel great.

Work - Skirt around the issues

Make your skirt the focal point of the outfit, with prints, pleats or an asymmetrical hemline. Culottes are a funky way to wear a skirt look, but with a practical edge. If  you’re feeling adventurous then mix a patterned top with a contrasting bottom; alternatively stick to a classic look and pair your skirt with a neutral top.

Rest –Relax in an oversized jacket

Bang on trend is the oversized jacket. Either dig out your vintage denim or invest in this season’s reboot of the look. Surprisingly flattering and fun, even for those that may have rocked this vibe first time around. Paired with something simple underneath it’s easy to wear and best of all you can hide lots of layers and keep toasty on chilly days.

Play – Ruffle some feathers

With ruffles appearing on sleeves, hems and detailing, there’s no turning your back on this trend. And why would you? It’s easy to wear and those frills really do look fabulous, whether on a sweater, a top or a beautiful dress.

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Written By Nicky Adams


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