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Be Budget Conscious With Your Fashion Choices

As we all know, the world is on fire with ‘influencers’. However, for all the hum of the Kardashians, the Hadids, and the bright young things that can be found frippering around the Internet, none have a fraction of the fashion pulling power of the Royal Family. And we’re not just talking the young generation here – Royals have been influencers of fashion for centuries; from Queen Victoria to Princess Margaret, the Queen Mother and the Queen herself, each has impacted hugely on the fashion of the day. The difference is that whereas in the past fashion lovers could for the most part only dream of the outfits that these ladies showcased, now, in an era where accessibility is everything, we can all be in the game.
In this age of immediacy the minute that Kate Middleton was spotted at a Polo match last weekend in an $80 Zara dress, flibbertigibbet, fingers on the button, and it’s sold out. This is far from the first time this has happened, Kate has crashed the Internet on multiple occasions when she has worn, or dressed her children in high street brands. And this is a great thing on so many levels. Most would agree it’s refreshing to see the privileged being budget conscious, however in Kate’s case – at least on this occasion - I don’t think the pull to purchase is so much aspirational as relatable. For those with young families who see Kate sitting in the middle of a field on a windy day in May in the UK, the first thing we know for a certainty is that the grass is going to be soggy, and when she gets up she’ll have a stained rear. We can also be confident that when she left her home en famille, how she looked then, will not be how she looked when she returned, Duchess or no Duchess. Oh it’s so familiar – sticky fingers, spilt coffee, ice cream dripped over your shoulder. Maybe if you’re really lucky one of those little Velcro tabs from the kids’ shoes will stick to the fine fabric of your skirt as you pick them up. And you don’t have to be the mother either – anyone in the vicinity of children runs the same risks.
So by wearing a high street dress, Kate is sending a couple of clear messages. Firstly – ladies, when on a family picnic leave your designer threads at home and bring out the affordable gear. And secondly – you don’t have to break the bank to look this fabulous.
With that thought in mind, here are some pieces that look good enough to be papped in, but will withstand the wear and tear of daily life.
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Written By Nicky Adams



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