Three Key Considerations When Choosing A Jacket

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Cool mornings and evenings, but warm sunny days mean that without a shadow of a doubt, strategic trans-seasonal dressing is very much a thing. Women can be seen the country over peeling off their layers by lunchtime – and at this point I would guess before leaving the house, most of us are digging in our wardrobes for that perfect mid season jacket.
If like me, you’ve discovered that you don’t actually have one, then the hunt will be on. I’m not sure if it’s an age or a life-stage thing, but suddenly I find myself fixated with blazers. It started with a niggling desire for a velvet jacket, and in my quest to find one that fitted my remit I have discovered that there exists an entire sub-culture of jacket trends.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a jacket is the fit. Whilst blazers will come in all different shapes and sizes, it’s imperative to select a cut that suits your figure. The fit of the jacket across your shoulder will be pivotal to the overall look – I’m often a bit slapdash with sizes and will work on the theory if it’s too tight I can leave it unbuttoned, too large I’ll call it oversized. This isn’t going to give the optimum look with a fitted jacket. You really do want the cut to sit nicely over the shoulders, with no pulling across the back. If you have narrow shoulders then invest in a tailored cut, if you have broad shoulders then an unstructured style looks fab. A small bust looks great in double-breasted jackets, those more ample might prefer single-breasted. While a cropped style tends to suit smaller frames, taller ladies can carry off longer pieces. Whatever your shape may be, if the jacket is nipped in at the waist, then your smallest part will be highlighted.
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How To Wear

Of course the blazer is the stalwart. The eternally chic wardrobe essential, the blazer + jean +white shirt or tee combo is considered by many the ultimate in classic good styling. But there’s no reason to stick to this formula; a blazer can be the perfect throw on with a dress, pleated skirt or teamed with smart pants. It’s practical with a turtleneck, and sultry with a silk cami. The versatility factor is huge, and if you feel that with boots or heels the look is a bit ‘office’ then a pair of on-trend white leather pumps will bring the feel back to casual.
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How To Wear


Black, navy and grey are the classic colours for a blazer. I have dabbled with white, and while it’s a fresh look that I love, it can be hard to style - depending on what I pair my white jacket with, I am prone to wondering if I look more dental-assistant than fashionista. If you don’t want to play it safe then mix up textures and patterns. Check and plaid are massive trends for the coming seasons, and right on point is matched with a logo tee. Equally try pairing with a small print floral or polka dot to funk it up. If you love textures then tweed is super versatile, and velvet and satin are stunning for the evening. Elements of contrasting fabrics by way of trim (leather, silk and so on) can bring a totally different feel to your jacket, and take it from sensational to sublime.
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