Races and Wedding Wear: Capture The Perfect Fashion Moment

With spring just getting into its stride it’s the ideal time to make that all important wardrobe choice for the coming months. Whether you’re going to be hunting for an outfit to wear to the races, a dress to dazzle in at a summer wedding, or just a really lovely piece of event wear, now’s the time to start the search.
I was mooching through a store a few weeks ago when I overheard a customer tell the sales assistant that she was looking for a dress to wear to a wedding. When asked when the wedding was, she replied “March”. Now this may seem like a stupendous piece of forward planning, but in fact it’s simply very smart. Because the reality is that it’s at this time of year when the choice is at its best; the spring stock is here, and this is always a bonanza season. Add to this the summer goodies that will start filtering in, and it’s a golden era to find something for the coming weeks that will inevitably be filled with all of the exciting pre-Christmas events.


If you want to get race-day ready, then the rules are there – and these ones are not to be broken. It’s over the knee I’m afraid ladies, and etiquette dictates nothing too raunchy. The beauty of this is that a race-day dress will need not be a one-hit wonder, choose carefully and it will be an outfit that you can get lots and lots of wear from. If you’re going to be trackside then pick footwear that will get you from the start all the way to the finish line.

Wedding Wear

Once again, as wedding guests there are guidelines to be stuck to if you want to remain on the bride’s Christmas card list. Historically nothing completely black, white or too tight, and you should be fine. The style of the wedding itself and the choice of venue will help to give you a clue as to what the expectation is on the day. Think strategically; for example sky-high heels probably wouldn’t be a sensible choice for a beach wedding. To be honest if it is a beach wedding then at least during the ceremony no shoe is really going to work, so try your outfit on shoeless, just to ensure that the length of your ensemble is perfect when barefoot. This sounds basic but is easy to overlook, I came a cropper at a beach event when I paired a silk jumpsuit with very high wedges, thinking they would be fine. They weren’t and I spent the day tripping over my flared pants.


Weddings and race days are both events where it’s really important to think through your choice of accessories, and if possible try to match them. If pairing shoes and bags feels a little too over the top for your taste, think again – this really can be the ultimate in chic. Tie colours together for continuity, whether it’s in your headwear (appropriate for both weddings and the races) or by pulling out a colour in your outfit. Consider your choice of jewellery– you don’t want to detract from your ensemble.
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Written By Nicky Adams


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