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 Fashion With A message
Right from the outset Meghan Markle positioned herself – clotheshorse – not likely. Social influencer, ooh yes please. This we all know, yet inevitably the fanfare of the Pacific tour of Prince Harry and Meghan meant that every outfit looked set to be scrutinized.  Anticipation was high; then - what sorcery is this? The couple announced a pregnancy, which of course meant that pulling apart the attire of every day seemed a wee bit nit picky, and it brought home the point that with Ms Markle’s outfit choices there was more at play than just a little frippery. So, joy of joys, even the most hard-hearted critics have put aside their nasty jibes, and rather than Meghan having to justify every hemline, the tour has turned into a catwalk that has been fun to watch. Perhaps most importantly the royal Duchess has been given the space to show that when it comes to each of our fashion choices, it’s about how our clothes make us feel, and what we’re saying with the choices that we make.
 Fashion With A message Meghan Markle
From the frills of her Figue printed ruffle wrap dress worn in Fiji to the simplicity of the Safiyaa blue evening gown and the clean cut of the statement red dress worn in Tonga (both the blue and red choices clearly a nod to the national colours), there’s a story behind every outfit. So what will the narrative be for New Zealand we couldn’t help but wonder? Well, the conundrum was quickly solved. Wearing a navy cocktail dress by New York based Gabriela Hearst (whose designs are inspired by prominent feminists) on Sunday Megan gave a speech on Suffrage at Government House in Wellington. Interpretations can be manifold, but surely the most basic is that of empowerment – and the good news – in New Zealand we don’t have to look to bespoke to find fashion that is sending the same message. In Australasia we are blessed with a number of inordinately successful boutique fashion designers…and guess what, hey presto, a lot of these are women. Paula Ryan, Dame Trelise Cooper, Karen Walker, Caroline Sills, and Kathryn Wilson – the list goes on. Through talent and temerity these ladies have established themselves on an international playing field – motivated by the aim of making the ladies that they dress feel confident; after all as Trelise Cooper has said ‘If you look good, you feel good’. And as women, there can be no greater message than the fact that we back ourselves.
Of course each individual is putting their own spin on every outfit they wear, and that’s the beauty of fashion. But by slipping into a Trelise Cooper creation it’s hard not to feel that you are making a memory, and that sentimentality and romanticism is key to the statement you will make. Through the sheer simplicity of her cuts Paula Ryan states a no-nonsense attitude that oozes confidence. The Loobies Story label says that whimsy is valid, that you can be fanciful and still hit the mark. We don’t have to be on a podium to send these messages; modern, traditional, minimal or fru-fru - every time you slip into that killer outfit, it’s clear that you, like the women who have designed your ensemble, understand the importance of image. 
Fashion With A Message From Wendys
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Written By Nicky Adams


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