Fashion Loves Floral This Season

Fresh As A Dasiy 

Trelise Cooper, Twinset, Moss & Spy – these are just a few of the New Zealand and Australian designers and boutique labels who quite simply knock the ball out of the park when it comes to bringing us floral prints that make us want to weep at their sheer beauty. Of course the endless creativity of these designers doesn’t seem too big a stretch, when for inspiration they only have to look to the magnificent landscapes of the Southern Hemisphere. The colours, the vibrancy, and the variety – the blooming beauty abounds.

Art Attack

This week sees the start of the Bay Of Plenty Garden & Art Festival. It’s an amazing experience where the different mediums of art combine, and members of the public showcase their exquisite gardens. These gardens range from modest in size to grand in design, but all have something aesthetically exhilarating to offer. It’s a heady mix, and a fabulous journey for everyone to share.

Dig Into Summer

So if there was ever a moment that the summer of 2018’s love for floral prints felt absolutely perfect, then this is surely it. Whilst taking in the wonders of the festival, and indeed of the summer’s glory, it’s hard not to be seduced by the natural wonder all around. This has been translated so very well into fashion forms, that it feels the ideal moment to pick the floral creation of your dreams. With designers drawing on everything from retro 60s designs, characterized by dramatic colours and large buds, to intricate oriental style embroidery, it’s clear just how big a player floral is this season.
Dig Into Summer

How to wear it

What stands out about the current use of flower print is that it has not been pigeonholed into one look, or indeed one genre. From the pretty flirty mini skirt paired with chunky boots and a woven handbag, to the flowing midi dress worn over denim, even the sheer maxi with a flat sandal - there are many ways to play with styles and patterns.
How To Wear It

Trelise Cooper

It seems fair to say that flowers are Trelise Cooper’s love language. She brings them out in every form and every texture. Not afraid of a colour rush, she mixes her palette and her fabrics: the result is feminine, modern and always makes a statement. From the teeny tiny delicate daisy print to her magnificent botanical blooms, Trelise has covered all bases.
Trelise Cooper


 The combination of silky soft fabrics and bold colourways has produced some distinctive designs that really put these pieces in a league of their own. Like a late era Gauguin painting, the mood is tropical, bold, bright and full of sunshine. These pieces really are unique, and have been created to make the wearer stand out from the crowd.


The quintessential boho-beach feel is wrapped up in a gloriously easy to wear package. Inspired by travel, the textiles have clearly been chosen because they themselves travel so well. Creating a soft, flattering silhouette these pieces are the perfect throw on.

Moss & Spy

Incredible finesse has been used with this summer’s collection, and the floral theme is prevalent. There are shimmering silks, tulles, and a colour spectrum that ranges from watercolour to bold. The result is occasion wear with a modern vibe, with touches such as the hand embroidery indicative of the highest quality craftsmanship.
Moss And Spy
With this bouquet of options, it’s pretty hard not to join the party – come on, pick a floral – you’ll feel blooming marvelous!
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Written By Nicky Adams


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