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Working It All Day Long

When it comes to work wear, thank the fashion gods this season, because the shirt is back, and it’s back in a big way. This really is one great piece of office attire that can be moulded into a multitude of looks. Forever a friend, never a foe, the faithful shirt can say so many things, but with so little effort – and its versatility is nothing short of fabulous. The shirt is to fashion what carbohydrate is to a diet, it’s one of the bare essentials, and whether it’s in vogue to love it or hate it, secretly we can’t get enough of it. Fortunately we don’t have that dichotomy this season – talking shirts here, not carbs - because they are absolutely on the nose.
The white shirt is the classic piece that has pushed its way to the fashion fore. A genuine essential, no matter who the fashion influencer, they’ve all got one nestling somewhere in the wardrobe. Whether you opt for the preppy look, the sheer look or the floaty look, the multitude of ways to wear it is what keeps us coming back for more. The Madly Sweetly Essential Shirt says it all.  A classic style, but with wide cuffs, it fits the remit for dress up or dress down. Equally the Lounge Brescia Shirt is one that you could safely wear to work, but have no doubt, with its oversized boyfriend styling you would be taking it up a notch. If you can push the fashion boundaries a little more then the Cooper Austen Tails shirt gives you the crop front and the long back, which paired with leather pants or super cool jeans, is a really standout look.
While white is definitely a style starter, it certainly doesn’t stop here. Playing with colour and style is fun and liberating; the Sills Silk Pocket Shirt in Tabasco is an absolute showstopper, and looks and feels amazing. A slight variant on the pussy bow is the Lamb Tie Blouse, which has extra detailing for added impact.  The statement sleeve is a look I love, and is huge currently. The Maud Dainty Best Shirt Ever shows how this can be incorporated without being overpowering, or as in the case of some statement sleeves, dangling in your dinner. Feature embroidery is making is mark, and can be seen on all sorts of pieces, however on a shirt it’s a nice way of introducing it into your look without over investing and feeling like you are in danger of resembling an Austrian Yodeler. The Curate Which Stitch Shirt, is a cracker, and would be as at home in the office as in a bar. One way the shirt is being styled to carry it through the colder months is by layering. With a gilet or a woolen vest added, the shirt can still be the central piece of the outfit. One brand that lends itself perfectly to being worn on its own or part of a layered look is Frank and Eileen. Simple lines and beautiful fabric mean that each piece packs a punch. With its range of colours and patterns that go from pinstripe to plaid, there is something in this collection to pique the interest of every shirt lover.


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