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Hot Style On Cold Days

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Mix and Match Your Fashion To Beat The Winter Blues

 Ho Style on cold days
I popped into Wendys on the weekend and was greeted by the gorgeous Linda. I was immediately struck with a massive pang of shoe envy. Rocking a pair of snakeskin gladiator sandals she looked totally on trend – but wait, I cried, staring at her bare toes – what are you thinking, it’s WINTER?!  With a withering look, which could have only been given to full effect by a true fashion devotee, she pointed out that while her toes were bare, her merino and maxi skirt were keeping her toasty warm. The point – when it comes to fashion don’t let winter ruin your mojo.
With the cold season just getting into full swing, whilst on the one hand it’s the perfect time to snuggle up in coats and cardi’s, there are plenty of clever ways to keep the fashion fix strong.

Layer It Up

New Yorkers are known for their ability to battle through blistering weather and still look fabulous. One look that is synonymous with these super stylish city dwellers is the layered jacket look. Basically a flimsy dress, skirt or outfit that might look incongruous with a heavy coat is first covered with a cool jacket, and the coat is then layered on top of that. Voila – warm and weather proof.
Layer It Up

Cover Up Combos

With ankle boots and white sneakers still ruling for daytime go-to footwear, it’s the time of year when bare legs can be a liability. Maxi skirts and dresses are the answer, and if you can find something in silk then you’ll be guaranteed natural warmth. Throw a jersey on top of your dress, or put a thin merino underneath. With the gorgeous pastel and soft toned knitwear that is on trend you will be able to find something to work with even the most summery of prints.
Cover Up Combos

Bring It Back

The latest ‘It’ bag to add to your most wanted list is the shoulder bag. Not too big, not too small – it’s the perfect size for day or night. Harking back to the 90s which as we know have brought us lots of hot trends this season, if you want to dabble in a bit of retro but don’t have the stomach for acid wash denim, a sleek shoulder bag could be the perfect nod to the trend.
Bring It Back

Fabulous Fabrics

If you’ve been feeling like you need to be limiting yourself to heavy denim and wool then think again. Tulle is on trend, and so is pairing it with heavy-duty boots. Bubble gum colours juxtaposed with winter hues makes for a stylish look, and one that will set you apart from the crowds.
Fabulous Fabrics
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Written By Nicky Adams


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