Race Day Fashion – How To Pick A Winner

It has to be said that of all the Spring/ Summer Events on the calendar, Race Day is one of the most exciting occasions to dress for –like Harry and Meghan, racing and fashion are the perfect combination. While the main race events do not start for a little while in New Zealand, anyone heading over the ditch will be feeling the pressure right now to put together the perfect outfit, and such is the popularity of Melbourne Cup that here in New Zealand we love to join in the fun, even if we won’t actually be trackside. So grab your glad rags and start studying the form.
For an event where a dress code still applies, for some the preparation is so essential that they will start planning an outfit months in advance, ensuring they nab the very best of the boutique fashion designers’ new season styles.  After all, it’s about the look in its entirety - and the point is to be a top-to-toe show- stopper: we’re talking headwear, dress, bag, shoes – even gloves. Obviously those that will be at an actual meeting are no doubt going to want to go all out – VIP or general entry, no matter – the fun is in the fashion and part of that enjoyment is buying into the traditions of the day. With this in mind it’s worth having a handle on race etiquette. Familiarise yourself with specific dress codes for each race day in advance; that way treading the line between trends, finding something unique and respecting tradition will become as much of an adrenalin rush as the day itself.

Rule It

Sophisticated and chic are the mantra most will be sticking to – and this generally dictates a hemline below the knee, and a silhouette with a sleek line. Dress for your body shape, your colouring, your style personality, but ultimately ensure that you are race day appropriate.
Should you be lucky enough to be dressing for Derby Day in Australia (or a spin off celebration) you are sure to know that traditionally Derby Day wearers wow in black and white. Lucky you - this is always a winning combination for occasion wear whatever the event, and one that Trelise Cooper and Taylor have covered beautifully this season. Classic elegance is key and whether monochrome, all-over white or all-over black, the dress code is pretty much adhered to.
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When it comes to Melbourne Cup, whether it be in Melbourne or Tauranga, knowledge of colours that are trending is where you’ll start building from. Once you’ve picked your combination be bold. Embrace vibrant block colours – tomato red, gold, emerald green, cobalt, pink, purple – all are on trend. Incorporate unique design details, this is where you can show your sartorial flair and make a statement – and with a seasons new looks at your fingertips, there are plenty of options. Ruffles, flounces, statement sleeves, applique – all are wonderful options.
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If you are planning for a Ladies Day event then embrace the romance and opt of something super feminine; pastel colours, subdued floral prints, floaty chiffons and silks. Don’t feel that you have to stick to a dress – a beautiful jumpsuit can be equally on point.
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The most important thing to remember – and I have to say I am loathed be the buzz kill here – is to leave your glitterati at home. Not often I’ll say that, but this is old school. So while you aim to be fashion forward, you don’t want to look as though you could transition to a nightclub. Anything strapless, glittery or high shine is frowned upon.  Be brave, be bold, but ultimately modesty is the name of this game.
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Written By Nicky Adams


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