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Coming to an end of a season is inevitably a wee bit tricksy. You know for a fact that the shops are about to be flooded with new styles to wow, but hopefully you’re still head over heels in love with the clothes that you’ve invested in for the current season. And yet, yes, you are feeling like an injection of va va voom is needed. The answer lies in your accessories. Whether you want to tide yourself over to the new season, or update your current look, it’s as easy as adding a new pair of earrings, the right bag or a stylish scarf.

It’s A Jungle

Animal prints are on currently on trend, and are only set to get bigger in the coming season. There are some super subtle ways to bring this into your wardrobe, whilst you contemplate how wild about the look you really are.
 Its A jungle

So Shiny

I have a penchant for anything that glitters – always have, and I suspect, always will. So the ongoing love of shiny, sequins and embellishments is right up my alley. However, if you find that in the glaring heat head-to-toe metallic makes you feel less like a supermodel and more like a fully tin-foiled turkey ready to roast, then grab some glistening accessories instead.
So Shiny

Bright Young Thing

A pop of colour is a sure fire way to mix up your look, and the use of different tones can help indicate a change of season. If you do this with your accessories rather than your outfit then your looks become totally interchangeable. Colour blocking has been hot this season, and it’s definitely a look that’s set to continue.
Bright Young Thing

Heads Up

If you want to have a bit of fun, then through your accessories is most definitely the way to do it. Designer trends as seen on the catwalk can be daunting, but there are always elements from the runway that feel quite ‘do-able’. Take the utility belt, which has been seen jooshing up skirt and shirt sets. However with the heat of summer in full force, this is the perfect time to give the scarf trend a whirl. With headwear having been a huge accessory both last year and into 2019, it’s hardly shocking that current catwalks are featuring not just headscarves, but also matching headscarves and neckerchiefs. Structured bags are an on point accessory that will bring any look up to speed, as is anything that features a bow. White footwear is still huge – and worn as a leather or canvas casual shoe, this is a really fantastic way to make any outfit super versatile. So dip in to the accessories aisles and buy yourself something lovely – as well as a little time - before the new season begins.
Heads Up
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Written By Nicky Adams


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