It’s A Wrap

Draw A Line Under Summer and Embrace The Good Things To Come

If you haven’t even considered that the time is coming to crack out the jackets, then you’re built of sturdier stuff than myself. True, Jack Frost isn’t quite knocking at the door, but we know he’s revving up.
The only benefit of that arctic southerly whipping at your cheeks is that it absolutely gives us an excuse to buy a new coat, and there are some stunning coats and jackets waiting in the wings for their moment to shine this season.
Sifting through the collections, there is quite literally a coat to cover all bases. It’s hard to move past the full-length denim Cooper Baby It’s Blue coat. True, at first glance there may be reservations – too much denim? Too casual? Well, put those fears aside and dive on in; this coat looks amazing on. The deep navy colour means that it looks chic, and because it’s denim, it will quite literally go with anything.
For an altogether different vibe the Lamb Wool Coat is a modern take on the classic winter warmer; oversized and perfect to just throw on, the timeless lines of this collection have been brought up to speed with subtle features such as crop sleeves or eyelets. Another way to joosh up a classic is through colour, and one tone that is right on trend for Autumn / Winter 2018 is burnt orange. The Taylor Revered Capacity in Lava is bang on. Surprisingly it’s not a shade that’s as hard to pull off as some would imagine, whatever your skin tone, and the wool, cashmere mix is just beautiful to the touch. 
Purists are going to love the Camel Taylor Refined Reflection Coat. Again, a mix of wool with a dash of cashmere, this is sleek, this is modern and this is wonderfully flattering, which, speaking for myself is always a bit of a bonus. A strip on the back is just enough of a feature to turn heads as you sashay out of the door. If we’re talking standout features, then the exaggerated lapels on the Moss & Spy Seal Grey Coat in a wool and silk mix coat give breadth at the top and elongate the body, making for a sensational silhouette.
Fur in every form is here, there and everywhere. While feathers, which are oh so perfect for a jacket or scarf, and add real razzle-dazzle to an outfit, for day wear faux fur is quite simply the bomb. I have to confess a slight weakness in this department. Faux fur can be both stylish and fun, and you can play with colour options in a way like no other. The Loobies Story Gossamer comes in classic navy or rosebud, and this soft pink is really hard to turn your back on. With pink paired with red being touted as the new black and white, this lighter shade of pale lends itself to lots of cool combinations as you dress to impress. Faux fur doesn’t just look good, it feels fabulous - and it’s incredibly practical. In fact, in my experience faux fur is very close to indestructible. I would stop short of saying its ‘wipe clean’ but the joy of man made fibres is that they invariably wash or dry clean like a dream. So there’s no crying over spilt milk, coffee or wine; you don’t have to be precious about your faux fur – and that’s why it’s definitely worth getting hot under the collar about the latest fakies.


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