A Kaleidoscope of Outrageous Style From Fashion’s Biggest Night

 Met Gala 2019
Known as being the biggest fashion event of the year, the Met Gala Ball is extravaganza to trump all others. An annual Charity event, this is the moment when International designers, their muses and a bevvy of handpicked A-list celebrities, all gather to showcase a chosen theme. This year saw old school icons such as Bette Midler and Joan Collins alongside new school social media mavens – yes I do mean the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s – on the Red (or in this case Pink) Carpet. Ostensibly to celebrate the opening of the Costume Institute’s fashion exhibit, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour presides over the affair. Making the guest list has historically been the hardest cut in the business. On this one night it is style –as well as wealth (tickets are reportedly US $30,000 a pop)- that matter: and if your name’s not down, you’re definitely not coming in.

A Star Is Born

For the 2019 event the theme was ‘Camp: Notes On Fashion’, so the scope was wide to go wild. Irony, parody, fun, a celebration of the culture of the gay community – the opportunities to make this title their own was the catalyst for lashings of pure creative genius. There were those guests who celebrated in the performance art aspect of it, and treated the red carpet as a stage. As a host, and one of the first to arrive, Lady Gaga put on a 15 minute long show; appearing in a voluminous Brandon Maxwell pink gown, she proceeded to strip down the layers revealing first a black dress, and then pink slip, until she was left in her statement platforms, fishnets and bedazzled bra. Katy Perry was equally theatrical, and arrived dressed as a human chandelier – her stunning silver sequin dress encircled in candles.  

Eccentricity And Excellence

There were so many guests who chose to simply take the opportunity to revel in the artistry of the moment. Colour and fun came hand in hand in the form of Cara Delavigne, who gave us a dose of good old fashioned over the top camp, while Lupita Nyong’o, was a vision in Versace, complete with fan-bag and multi-coloured plumage. For many the glamour culminated in an elevated version of ‘campness’ – with tulle, beads and feathers as far as the eye could see. Kylie and Kendal Jenner collaborated and coordinated to make a statement in Versace; bringing a bit of Vegas to New York, Kendal wore a Cher inspired orange feathers, while Kylie was in lavender. Fringing, beads and gold were in abundance – Jennifer Lopez, who never disappoints, glittered from head to toe, and Celine Dion who has become feted for her fashion choices, looked sublime in an Oscar de la Renta gold hand beaded gown
 Met Gala 2019

Fashion Faves

Many were more measured with their choices, but even the tame showed endless creativity. Just as importantly there were so many nods to trends that we’re seeing now, and hints of what’s to come. Even through the exaggeration the themes were clear. From the feature sleeves, structured architectural shoulders, bows, fringing, beadwork, sequins and of course the feathers. There were pleats aplenty– tiered, across the body, fanned and mostly metallic. Clear colour trends were pink, and there was a break out with green. The amount of ladies in pantsuits and jumpsuits were notable, and footwear choices were eye-opening, with at least three ladies (host Serena Williams among them) pairing their gowns with sneakers. True the trainer trend has snuck its way into everything from corporate to cool night out, but seeing it paired with couture sent a clear message to the masses – comfort can be cool.
Met Ball 2019
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Written By Nicky Adams


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