Fabrics and Textures Elevate Trans-seasonal Dressing

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Picking outfits that work for changeable weather is key for this time of year. The range of fabric choices that we associate with the warmer months are now in full force – linen, silk, cotton…a veritable smorgasbord of textural delights. Choice of fabric has never been such a hot topic, both for the designers and the consumer, and ‘sustainable’ is not just a buzz word, but more a promise of things to come. The move to make fabric manufacture and production more ethical makes for an exciting time in fashion, and brings us a bevy of new and beautiful materials to invest in.  


Spring Fling

What’s vital to remember is that if the day looks gloomy and the fabric of your spring attire feels too light to hold up against a bitter Southerly, the answer lies in layering. This is the ultimate safety net and is not only effective but also totally on trend. It also allows you to play with fabrics and mix up your look. Soft and silky is a feel that screams springtime; Trelise Cooper has upped the game with her Pleat Wave dress. More than just divine to the touch, it has been crafted from recycled polyester fibre, made – believe it or not – from high quality recycled pet bottles. This really does have to be felt for full effect.

Material Girl

Trelise Cooper Pleat Wave Dress $599

Staple + Cloth Lakeside Coat $199

Humidity Georgie Heel $99

Humidity Fan Earrings $39


Sleevey Wonder

A long sleeve dress in a light breathable fabric will take you all the way through the summer; it will also add a layer of confidence to those who don’t love exposing their arms (you’re not alone). A shirtdress has always been chic, but this look has been taken to new heights by the queen of chic and influencer extraordinaire Megan Markle. She has shown that this looks works well whatever your size - and as an added bonus, whatever the weather. You’ll also find it looks just as fabulous when paired with espadrilles as it does with boots.

Material Girl

Isaac + Lulu Tiered Shirt Dress $319 + Ritmo Marta Sandal $289

Sills Sam Dress $369 + Kathryn Wilson Oxley Slide $289

Humidity Avisa Shirt Dress $169 +Ritmo Basquet Sneaker $299


Get Shirty

A blouse or shirt in the right weight fabric can be utilized as a hardworking basic but can equally be chosen as a stand-alone statement piece. Twinset’s Mussola Shirt is just such a garment – crafted in cotton silk muslin, it’s simply stunning. Any shirt, whether an investment piece or more of a staple, when put together with summer pants or jacket and jeans gives a timeless look that will score points for style as well as for versatility. Plus, as the sun begins to glow a cotton or silk blouse will look just as fabulous with shorts, which are a big fashion note for spring/summer 2019. Mixing up your fabric choices will add a new dimension – a linen jacket against a silk blouse makes a cool contrast.

Material Girl

Twinset Mussola Shirt $399 + Twinset Lino Capri Pant $425

Blak Defiant Shirt $159 + Verge Acrobat Viola Short $170

Frockk Paige Top $199 + Taylor Duple Blazer $697

Madly Sweetly On The Line Shirt $249 + Articles of Society High Sarah Jeans $169.95


Floral Fancies

It’s not too early to pull out the diaphanous dress that is busting to break out of the wardrobe. But the chances are you’re going to need a bit of weather proofing. Sheer fabrics can look amazing with a denim or leather jacket – even a trench. If you feel that the look needs tying together then try cinching in the waist with a leather belt which adds grunty texture and add a pair of boots for good measure.

Material Girl

Verge Carnival Dress $290 + Curate Its Been Teal Jacket $579

Blak Bliss Dress $279 + Moss & Spy Poirot Trench $835

One Season Long Poppy Dress $195 + Loobies Story Laguna Jean Jacket $249


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Written By Nicky Adams


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