What we’re loving at Wendys and Tilda for Mother’s Day…

Mothers Day 
It’s hard to believe that Mother’s Day has crept up on us, and this year will for many be one that is so incredibly different from any we have experienced before. Nevertheless, most people will be scrabbling around for creative ways to mark the occasion, whether it be gathering flowers from the garden, baking, making meals – the simple things never fail to mean so much.
With our online service now able to operate as usual (just very carefully and contactless of course) there is also the chance to celebrate the day with a special gift. With so many wonderful new items in store, as well as beautiful accessories, stunning jewellery and fabulous handbags, there’s plenty to choose from.  If you’d rather let mum treat herself, then we have wonderful gift vouchers which can be sent straight to you via your email and can then be printed off and gifted. However you choose to spend the day, enjoy!

 Ultimate Indulgence

...because your Mum always deserves to feel special and glamorous! 
Mothers Day

Keep Her Snuggly

...with stunning fashion details and inspired sophistication. Aleger cashmere has built a reputation for its superb quality.
Mothers Day

Show Her You Love Her

….with one of our fabulous Gift Vouchers to a value you choose, so she can select something wonderful for herself to accent her winter wardrobe.
 Mothers Day

Something For Me??

...Plus, if you want to treat mum and throw in a little something for yourself, don’t forget that until May 11th with three Loobies Story purchases (excludes accessories) you receive a FREE pair of jeans!
 Mothers Day
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Written By Nicky Adams


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