Chinese New Year heralds the year of the Rat. Are you ready?

 Oh Rats!
Ok, so a rodent doesn’t necessarily scream glamour, however the Chinese Lunar New Year is cause for huge celebrations. On 25th January the Year Of The Rat was welcomed with fanfare, and parties to mark this will continue for just over a fortnight, finishing with the Lantern Festival on February 8th. During this time Chinese communities across the world will be decorating their homes, throwing parades and generally kicking up their heels as they wish for a happy and prosperous year ahead. A symbol of renewal, wealth and surplus, while the rat is perhaps not the chicest of creatures, the colour code is lucky red, gold, and of course just a dash of super glam.

Haute Couture

Luckily for the fashion forward, despite the less than cutesy subject matter, the high-end Design Houses have got on board with the project and have released collections accordingly.  To name but a few, there is Fendi who has put rats on their leather goods, to Coach who has designed a rat charm. Then there is Marc Jacobs who has featured the wee rodents on its hoodies, and let’s not forget rag & bone who has characterised an iconic New York ‘Pizza Rat’ on everything from high tops to its coin purse. Whichever way you turn, there’s an abundance of goodies out there. If a rat moto just feels a little too specific for your personal wardrobe, then fear not, you’re not alone. However, it’s easy enough to get on board with the look – simply zone in on the red aspect of the trend, which signifies not only that you’re perfectly on point, but is also a never fail shade when it comes to out and out fabulosity.
Oh Rats!

New Year, New You

While for the Chinese Lunar calendar this celebration embraces the start of spring, for the southern hemisphere this time of year also feels like something of a rebirth. The idea of buying new clothing that symbolize a new start and new hope will definitely fit into our fashion calendar here in New Zealand. Coinciding with schools returning from the Christmas break, and most places of work slowly kicking back into action, it’s the perfect time to shake off the summer lethargy and start thinking about the new year ahead. Take a fresh eye when you consider the events you may have coming up. If you are lucky enough to be attending a specific Chinese New Year event, then it’s likely that you’ll want to stick to a dress code of sorts. If not, then it’s up to you to interpret ‘new beginnings’ however you wish. It could be a piece that it completely out of your usual comfort zone, or it could simply be a piece that brings you absolute joy. By bringing in gold from the colour wheel, you’ll be adding just enough lux to any occasion.
Oh Rats!

Add A Lucky Touch

As always, if the trend simply isn’t you, and in this case the thought of too much red or gold doesn’t float your fashion boat, then just throw in an accessory and be on your merry way.
 Oh Rats!
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Written By Nicky Adams

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  • Chloe Wright: August 12, 2022
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    Lovely writing Nicky. You bring the colours to life and get me over the line with the rat thing :)
    Chloe W

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