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3 Styles You May Have Avoided

The wonderful thing about fashion is that every season there are styles that come parading down the catwalk that simply won’t flatter anyone unless you’re a slim hipped, firm breasted six-foot Brazilian goddess. It’s impossible not to feel a frisson of excitement teamed with undulated fear at the mere thought of giving it a go ourselves. Now lets face facts – out of all the billions of people on the planet, there are only about 20 supermodels. That should tell us something for starters. This is not how the rest of the population is built and whilst these wild exotic creatures are indeed objects of absolute beauty, they are really not indicative of how the rest of us look or are shaped.
Take heart though, it’s my firm belief that when it comes to making the more outlandish looks wearable, where there’s a will, there’s a way. What may seem unachievable sometimes can be more doable than it initially appears.  The sheer tulle dress is the perfect example of a style that on first glance makes you want to scream ‘I’m not Kate Moss’. And then there’s the slip dress, which just keeps on slipping in to the fashion fore. And asymmetrical? Well, that’s definitely one that we need to work around.
The resurgence of the slippery slip certainly rings alarm bells – the mere sight of that slinky clingy fabric teamed with itsy bitsy straps (think upper arm exposure and bra options) and, deep inhale - backless, is enough to get most of us reaching for the rescue remedy. OK – now although both styles at first seems perfect for the taut of stomach and the small pert breasted, there is still a way for those of us with lumps, bumps and saggy bits. And that way is support underwear or layering. Now, layering a slip dress will automatically give you way more versatility, so not only are you covering up the bits of flesh you prefer not to expose, but the slinkiest dress then becomes wearable for a casual look.  It’s often possible to team a slip dress with anything from a mesh top to a shirt or even a skivvy underneath. And well designed support underwear – well, don’t shy away from a full body control slip. Equally perfect under a sheer tulle dress, concerns about lack of modesty will dissipate.  It will streamline the look and hold in the wobble, and hey presto, any concerns about over exposure have gone.
If the thought of the asymmetrical trend has you running for the hills, then fear not, all is not lost. I have to admit that the appeal of a one-sleeved garment is not for everyone – I have a lovely ruched one sleeved bodysuit (what was I thinking) hanging with its label intact in my wardrobe. So if you want this look, but one arm isn’t for you – then turn to the skirt. The asymmetrical skirt is pure genius. It’s edgy, it ticks the asymmetrical box, but it’s also a really flattering way of tying in the midi length. A flash more flesh here than there, paired with a funky pair of boots by day or heels by night, and you can walk away in this trend feeling triumphant.
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Written By Nicky Adams


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