Enjoy The Sport Of Seasonal Sale Time

Believe it or not, it’s that time already. Just as we’re finding our winter mojo and getting into stride for the season upon us, the fashion gods are smiling down and although not allowing that much coveted dress to actually drop into our lap, they are facilitating the process by starting seasonal sale time. Now while some love a good sale, others are more reticent. If you’re not into sale shopping, maybe it’s because you equate it with rummaging around in the baskets of yesteryear items. This may once have been the case, but with the fashion industry constantly bringing new treats to the table, it’s a way of keeping the loyal customer happier than ever.
It’s often said that the best way to sale shop is to be discerning and plan out your purchases. Bah humbug! Yes, planning can be great, but equally what sale shopping allows you to do is perhaps be a little more experimental than you might have otherwise been. When it comes to the crunch, most people will essentially stick to the rules they normally shop by, but it might mean one or two rogue purchases make their way into their bag. And great I say! While shopping online makes it a teensy bit trickier, if you’re able to get in store during this time, then you’ll still get the same expert guidance from the lovely ladies that you would have at any other time. The assistants at both Wendys and Tilda are trained in helping the customers find their best colour and style, and because customer satisfaction is so highly valued, you know that they have your best fashion interest at heart, whether you’re paying full price or bagging a bargain.
Best sale picks
The best picks are for a lot of customers going to fall into the ‘basics’ bracket, because these will be the items that get the most wear. However if you’re someone that likes the fluidity of fashion this might be the time when you grab something totally out of the box. Something that, even if it sits in the wardrobe for months, you love so much that you know it will ultimately, somewhere down the track, have its moment in the sun. I firmly believe that there’s no harm in buying something that doesn’t have an immediate need – there’s nothing worse than being caught unexpectedly by an event, be it a special daywear occasion or evening do, and panic buying because you feel you have nothing that will suit. If there’s trepidation that you may up with something that’s passé by the time you wear it - in reality, while fashion is a fast moving machine, it’s really only a very few trends of each season that will date badly. Most styles created by good labels have way more longevity than you may at first imagine. So, on that note, scan your wardrobe, spot the gaps – and get ready to enjoy filling them!


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