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We live in a world that is as unpredictable as it is exciting. There are the vagaries of the summer weather – which so far have called for linen one minute, leather the next. And unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few days, you’ll have heard of the mayhem caused by the flick-flaking royals Harry and Meghan – surely unpredictability at its best. In amongst this roller coaster start to 2020, fashion has raised its head as the beacon of consistency; which for those who want to shop the designer sales in style, is good news indeed.
Of course, it’s hard to believe when fashion’s modus operandi has always been its ability to flip on the turn of a coin, that experts are heralding fashion for its stability. Yet it seems inconsistency isn’t what the world wants anymore. The themes that became so prevalent to the fashion industry at the end of the last decade will shape the 2020s ahead. Sustainability is key; good practice, anti-ageism, inclusivity – all will become par for the course. But, with ‘fast fashion’ becoming an increasingly less attractive prospect for the mainstream on-trend shopper, things are a-changing. Fashion experts decree that there is an increasing move towards the signature of a fashionista not being the fact that her look is straight from the catwalk, but rather that she gets to wear what she wants. Over the last ten years trends have definitely slowed down, which means that even if that skirt you’re wearing right now doesn’t show as a ‘key look’ for next year, if it’s styled in the right way it can still be up-to-the-minute.
So for those that are scrolling through pages of online bargains, trying hard to pick pieces that have a more classic edge to them, what this actually means is that you can throw caution to the wind, and enter the scrummage with gusto and with less fear of picking a dud. With that said, the question remains - what are the top pieces to snare in the sales?

UNDER $100

Believe it or not, there are some fantastic items at this price point that will serve you well not just in the moment, but in the months to come. Sweaters and trans-seasonal pieces such as linen are hard to move past.Sale Savvy

UNDER $200

Denim is a great sale purchase. Whilst there are most definitely trends (the current move is towards a straight leg and there’s a thrust to bring back the bootleg), no one is prepared to say goodbye to the skinny. This has actually been the style of choice for over a decade. Cropped denim is another winner, and easy to pair with heels or with casual shoes.
Sale Savvy

UNDER $400

Indulge in that one-off statement piece that you wouldn’t normally treat yourself to. If you love it and you look good in it, it’s an investment you absolutely won’t regret.
Sale Savvy
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Written By Nicky Adams


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