Fashionistas Go Dotty For Spots And Stripes

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There’s something beautiful in the simplicity of a spot or a stripe, and it was clear from the offset of this season that dots were going to be big news in designer fashion. From polka to more of a statement spot, the catwalks were awash with them; and it was fun to watch as designers played with colour and scale. Their partner in crime, the stripe was also there for all to see – bold, Breton, vertical, horizontal; they have all cemented their place as a wardrobe staple this season.
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As with any trend the celebs and influencers get in there first, which is quite nice for the rest of us, because in many ways they are like our guinea pigs for what actually looks good and what just looks plain outlandish. So we have been able to watch from the sidelines as the spots and stripes have begun to show up in their various forms at high profile events. It was clear from the start that this season the traditional black and white spot is not the king – there’s lots of colour play, particularly with browns and blues. Polka dots often lend themselves to a vintage style, sometimes quite fussy, and occasionally a little too cutesy. So it’s really refreshing to see those wee dots this season in some super cool styles that are really wearable. If you have reservations that you’re not someone that will suit a spot, then the trick is to keep it current and fresh – look for good cuts and simple silhouettes.
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The stripe is in many ways the absolute epitome of classic style. Nothing transcends seasons, or indeed fashion fads quite as well as this little beauty. What is obvious is that for spring and summer 2018 whatever the look, the stripe is in it – so from office to active wear, stripes are a go. It’s also clear that this season when it comes to a stripe you can’t be seen to be overdoing it; so for example one width or colour of stripe is being paired or layered with another width or colour. Think of a navy Breton striped tee with a brightly striped jacket over the top, or a pastel striped dress with a contrasting striped scarf.  This ‘double up’ may sound too much, but it can actually look really cool and very fresh.
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If you want to really grab the trend by the horns and you feel like going all out with it, then don’t be afraid to layer up spots and stripes at the same time. Done in the right way –perhaps a little surprisingly – this can look amazing. Whatever angle you decide to approach it from, you’re sure to find something that suits your mood. From romantic blouses to statement accessories, the stripy, spotty craze is most definitely not slowing down.
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Written By Nicky Adams


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