How To Style Key Trends

Spring Style Guide Part 1 

Ease Into Spring With Fast Fashion.

Comfort fashion is like comfort food – you just can’t get enough of it. And when it comes to what’s trending for the new season, nothing makes the heart burst more than the looks that are going to feel fabulous and require minimum effort to style.

High Time

Top of the easy-wear chart has to be high-waisted jeans. I could almost whoop for joy at its resurgence. If we’re honest, it’s the closest thing to an elastic waist that it is possible to find – and added bonus, it’s comfort in a nutshell. Guaranteed to smooth over those bits that need smoothing, this style will also suck in those bits that need sucking.  For a while there it was disparagingly known as the ‘mom’ jean, and cast into the fashion wilderness, however, it sat out the hard times and is back with a vengeance. If you don’t feel like diving straight in, then start with a mid waist – still a step in the right direction. To be totally on point a straight leg is the way to go, but the faithful skinny leg and boyfriend style are still very much in the play. The choices are endless, check out the options from  LTB.   Pair them with a loose fit top tucked in – and, if you really want to take the look to next level, wedge your jeans into a wee pointy-toe ankle boot. If that’s a bit too retro for you, then a sneaker, slide, moccasin or mule will take you through the day nicely.
Style Guide Part 1, High Times

Make A Statement

The T-shirt is the ultimate spring basic, and this year they are large and loud. The Fashion Designer’s love affair with the logo has been in full force, and nowhere is it seen as much as emblazoned on the front of the trusty tee. Luxury European Designers have enjoyed dipping into the archives and bringing back various manifestations of their logos, whether on bags, belts or T-shirts. Undoubtedly for the most of us a T-shirt is the easiest way to make a statement, and there are lots of ways to play with this trend. Trelise Cooper has totally jumped onboard with her tees this season, and wows with a range of options. But how best to style? For the ultimate in summer slouch, then pair with denim – whether with cut offs or daisy dukes, this take on the trend is a winner. For a high fashion mix, a bolder move is to take the tee and juxtapose with a super chic contrasting skirt. If you feel like treading the middle line between the two extremes, and want an elegant look, then try putting your tee with a pair of sleek pants, or an understated skirt.
Spring Style Guide Make A Statement

Sole To Sole

Not everyone was blessed with the legs of a gazelle, and it seems designers have finally realized this. Their way of helping us add a little height while maintaining comfort levels? The thick-soled trainer or hidden platform. Now this is one of those ‘don’t knock it till you’ve tried it’ moments. If you’re worried that a thick sole may look too chunky, then the Saio Wedge Sand Shoe is a clever way to add subtle height as the wedge is hidden inside. The Elk Orpheus Sandal is another sneaky growth spurt – posing as a flat but with a good platform, this gives a subtle lift.  The Superga ‘flatform’ on the other hand, is all about the wedge. Fresh, white and totally on trend, these are smart and casual in one delightful pair of comfy footwear.
Spring Style Guide Shoes
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Written By Nicky Adams


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