When It Comes To The New Season, Joy Is In The Air

 Suns Out, Funs Out
Spring is without doubt the most exciting time in the fashion calendar. The euphoria is complete when the first week of the new season arrives, and as if by magic the days become filled with brilliant sunshine. With that kind of serendipity at play it’s hard not to cry ay caramba and rip through the new collections with even greater zeal than usual.
More than any other season, with spring there’s a sense of ‘the big reveal’. Perhaps because of the association with new beginnings – but whatever it is we love it. So down to the nitty gritty - what do the designers’ 2019 spring looks have in store for us? One aspect that will be gratifying to many is that what we are seeing coming through many of the collections is, above all, a feel of wearability. A little less over the top than can sometimes be featured, the runway vibe is there, but there has been due thought and consideration to different body types, ages and indeed the usability factor. Hey, it seems that fashion is ‘woke’ this season.
Easy Wear Styles

Mellow Yellow

It’s fair to say that shades of yellow have been on point for a wee while, and lovers of this palette will be glad to see that it’s still very much in the fore. Egg-yolk tones are all the rage, however, there are still plenty of golden hues to play with. If colour were an emotion, yellow would surely be joy, so it seems the perfect way to see in the spring. If you feel that a single block of sunshine is too much for you, then there are plenty of ways to add it to a more neutral palette; try shoes, bags, jewellery – or even a scarf. Scarves are a huge trend currently, particularly when they are worn in a retro headwear fashion. Admittedly this look isn’t for everyone, and if that feels a wee bit too Hilda Ogden, then tie one loosely around your neck, around your wrist or even thread it around the handle of your bag.
Mellow Yellow

Which Craft

Crochet and craft are hot stuff this season, and playing out in a manner of ways. It’s clear that texture is a very important part of this trend, and the re-interpretation of the theme has incorporated everything from lace to tulle. Lace is definitely a medium that designers love; new manufacturing techniques mean that what was historically either a handmade trim or a firm fabric is now a shape shifter that can be turned to just about anything. Often utilized with the addition of Lycra, we see it not just in stand-alone pieces, but also being layered over pants or camisoles. Broderie anglaise is a very specific lacey look that designers are going crazy for, both as a trim and in full outfits – this is one that we’re sure to see more of as summer progresses.
Which Craft

Feature It

The design details to watch out for in upcoming months are plentiful. Puff sleeves are big news. Less Dynasty and more Diana, for 2019 there’s a romantic feel to the sleeve, and they are often worked alongside a floral, or created from a lighter fabric, which helps give them a much softer feel. The shirt dress has come shimmying in for spring, and fashionistas are loving this mix of a one-piece that is uber easy to wear, but is simultaneously easy on the eye. With so many delicious offerings in store for us, the temptation is at fever pitch…
In The Detail
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Written By Nicky Adams


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