How To Wear White This Season

The White Stuff 
There’s nothing that makes us feel quite as much as though warm weather is on its way, as when we start to pick out a few whites for our wardrobe. Wearing white is not an art form. It does, however, feel like a gloriously indulgent way to fly in the face of the practicalities demanded of a usual day. But there are ways to wear it that will minimize potential hazards, and ensure that you finish the day how you started, with a rebellious ‘devil may care’ attitude. The key is how to make white work for you, and the things to remember when wearing it.

Beneath The Blouse

White is invariably see-through. So, one thing to keep an eye out for is whether your white item is lined. If it’s not then your choice of undies is going to be of paramount importance. Whether you’re picking a slip or an all-in-one support garment, go for nude in colour – white will show under white, whereas nude will not. Before you go dashing out of the door do the daylight test. I have made the mistake of wearing a Grecian style white dress on a sunny day, and on arriving at my destination realized that with the sun streaming through my flimsy fabric, I looked more like a Greek statue than I had planned (and not in a good way). So take it from me - stand in front of a ray of sunshine or turn the light on yourself for a self-check. Unless you’re doing it as a statement, then avoid wearing lacey lingerie –this will – I repeat, will – show.
The White Stuff Beneath The Blouse

Mix In Textures And Shades

There’s something of a perception that white is not always a flattering colour choice. Not so. You don’t have to be stick thin to wear white – it can look just as good on curves. Try mixing textures and shades; many of the shirts and blouses this season are playing with applique, embroidery and drawn threadwork, so there are lots of features to engage the eyes. A very light grey can be mixed into the blend on the bottom half for a more streamlined look if you feel pure white is too unforgiving. Or try elongating your look with a long silk jacket, or tunic such as the Taylor Graduation Tunic, which is ideal for emphasizing the vertical lines.
The White Stuff textures and shades

 Keeping Your Whites White.

If the thought of the daily splash is what’s putting you off, then pick white for the areas that are going to be in the least line of fire, whether that be the top or the bottom half. Another trick is to choose fabrics with a degree of texture to them. A fabric such as linen will be inclined to hide specs of dirt a little more than a smooth finish fabric. Conversely man-made fibres can be truly awe-inspiring when it comes to their durability and resilience. I have white polyester culottes that dirt quite literally brushes off, which makes them surprisingly resilient.  For most people the top area is generally safe from danger, so a really stunning white jacket, such as the Paula Ryan Shaped Hem, is the perfect investment piece.
The White Stuff Keeping Whites White

Add A Pop Of Colour 

Don’t let your skin tone put you off – white is a lot more wearable than many ladies think. As a rule of thumb light complexions should err towards bright whites without yellow tones. For darker complexions the opposite is true. Another trick is to break up your white with pops of colour.
the white stuff colour pop

And Finish With A Coloured Shoe

Unless you have been ordered to top to tail it in white, then avoid white shoes to complete your white outfit. Like your undies, nude will invariably look best, or go statement with a dash of colour, a gold or silver.
The White Stuff Shoes
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Written By Nicky Adams


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