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 Top Spring Trends
Just as the blossom bloom, so do the spring trends flourish amongst the racks. Every season it’s hard not to be struck afresh by the beautiful collections that are released by some of our favourite labels. Whilst we may want to grab every single piece and run for the hills, good sense dictates that the trick is to select a few key items to bring our wardrobes up to speed. So rather than get overwhelmed at the choice, factor in the top three style considerations – what’s on trend for colour, print and length. Once you have those nailed, it’s all plain sailing.

 Colours: Lilac / Terracotta

Lilac is the colour for this season, so just one piece in this shade will bring your wardrobe up to date. It’s definitely a more divisive colour than some of the other pastel shades, and there will be a few internally screaming ‘not on your nelly’. However, I would say don’t dismiss this without giving it a whirl. A gift to those with cool skin tones, it’s also as stunning with dark hair as it is with blonde.
Terracotta is also massive, and to this news the sighs of relief are almost audible. Earthy tones make for a dream colour palette, as they are easy to wear, trans-seasonal and seem to look great on everybody. So if you’re sitting on the fence about that to-die-for terracotta linen blazer, get off it now and buy buy buy – because if you don’t someone else will.
Lilac Terracotta

Print: Animal/ Polka Dot / Floral

When it comes to animal print, if you love it, you love it – if you hate it then embrace it. There’s no doubt that animal is the lead print of the season – however whilst leopard is wildly popular, snakeskin is quite possibly slithering ahead in the style stakes. A little more low-key than its jungle partner, snakeskin is easy to slip in to all manner of outfits. Another animal print you’ll see is Dalmatian. This is the most wearable of all, and in some cases this print is so subtle it actually segues into spots, which are also hot stuff this spring. Often with a slightly retro vibe, dots and spots always feel sophisticated, and oversized spots were all over the runways for Spring 2019. Another runway favourite was floral. If there’s one word to describe this season’s floral prints, it’s vibrant. Neo boho is big; warm sunset tones and sun-kissed hues conjure up at a 70s mood, and of course along with these prints the perfect accompaniment are artisan knits, fringing and raffia accessories.
Spring Prints

Silhouette: Maxi

A huge silhouette for this season is the maxi. Usually a hot look for summer when you can pair full length with sandals, the ongoing trend for sneakers has made the maxi much easier to wear whilst you’re still in covered shoes. The other advantage of pairing a maxi with sneakers is that it automatically gives the outfit a more casual feel. The instant upside is that firstly with pumps you don’t feel horribly overdressed. More importantly white pumps will give you an on trend look, as opposed to making you feel as though you’ve just left Woodstock.
Maxied out
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Written By Nicky Adams


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