Loved By Rock Stars, Royalty And Us This Autumn

Velvet really is the fashion gift that keeps on giving. It can quite literally morph into whatever we want it to; from the firm weave of the tailored jacket, to the softest folds of a pleated skirt. Matt, shiny, embossed – even crushed (although, unfortunately in my wardrobe, crushed is often associated with fashion misses rather than hits). With velvet it’s all about texture. Whilst the versatility of this fabric is one of its draw cards, the association with pure luxe is another.  From black tie to cruising around town, it quite simply rarely fails to look anything other than absolutely fabulous.
So how has velvet managed to reinvent itself through more fashion eras than you could shake a stick at? Depending on how far back your memory goes – mine goes perhaps a wee smidge further than I’m prepared to admit (which is exactly why Botox was invented) everyone knows that velvet – not weed - was what defined the glam rock of the 70s; after all there has never been a greater runway than the stage. From Mick Jagger to Twiggy, velvet was the choice de jour. The star of velvet continued to shine in the 80s and 90s – mainly taking the form of the crushed variety…need I go on. Now I’m not suggesting that we all go and hunt down a pair of velvet flares (although should you find some you’ll be right on point), however from the time of its fashion mainstreaming, velvet has undeniably continued to bring joy in its many reincarnations.
The way that it’s been brought up to date for 2018s fashion high note is that above all else it’s totally wearable. There are jumpsuits, but they fall in soft folds, there are pants, but if bell-bottom velvet is a step too far then skinny or relaxed leg can be styled to be both flattering and striking.  It is appearing in light colours, bright colours, and in a selection of weights, so that it’s not just confined to one seasons wear.
Velvet is also being used creatively. As a fabric it can be woven from anything from silk to viscose, which allows it to appear in its many guises. Check out the way in which its been used with lace and silk in the Lamb collection of tops. Its versatility allows Designers to get adventurous. Chaos & Harmony has used it for shoes, Fray as a trim or embellishment. Combing a touch of velvet with another fabric is like adding alcohol to a virgin cocktail; it’s transformed from great to exceptional in one fell swoop.
Nevertheless fabulous is worth nothing if the fabric fails when it comes to durability, and this is perhaps where the surprise lies. For something so utterly luxurious to be hardwearing enough for daywear is simply the icing on the cake. So throw caution to the wind, choose well and wear your velvet like a rock star.


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