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It’s pretty hard to believe, but 2018 has come to an end. How better to welcome in the New Year, than with a few words from Wendy herself.
  1. So tell us Wendy: for you, was there a particular outfit or stand out look that came through this year? If so, what was it?
  2. My Trelise Cooper print dresses from the Cooper label have been my favourite and worn constantly in recent weeks. The fabrics are cool and easy to wear, and are more casual worn with my sandshoes or slides.
  1. When the sun is beating down over the next couple of months, how do you think is the best way to keep your style on point?
  2. I recommend keeping your sunblock handy and refreshing your accessories; they will give that cool summer dress a new look. Think fun earrings, rattan bags and cute slides.
  1. Can you give us any hints on what you anticipate being key looks in the following season?
  2. Key items to keep your eyes open for will be a jacket or blazer worn with print t-shirts. Coats will be in hot demand, influenced by the Duchess of Sussex and animal prints are very on trend
  1. The fashion industry obviously involves a lot of travel. Has there been a place that you visited this year that you’ve found really inspirational from a fashion perspective?
  2. I am so fortunate to be able to travel for work. I am constantly inspired, especially with our trips to Hong Kong to view the latest trends. Some of the stores are just beautiful and walking the streets at night to view window displays of stores like Gucci, Chanel and Prada for example, are very inspiring. The attention to detail is incredible.
  1. What has been the overall highlight for you of the year of 2018?
  2. This year has been filled with many highlights. My son Mathew was married in November, which was amazing - and my two wee granddaughters are a constant pleasure, and bring me so much joy. The incredible girls I work with at Wendys and Tilda are a high light along with our gorgeous customers and the non-stop sourcing and buying of beautiful fashion, and the travel that goes with that.
So to round off, a big thank you to everyone that’s been a part of it all, and a Happy New Year!
Written By Nicky Adams


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