Sale Fever Has Hit – Don’t Miss Out 

What to buy right now 

The beauty of the digital age is that no matter where you are, or what the time of day, when the sales hit you can still have your finger on the pulse. Sale time is when the boutique designer clothing dream can become a reality – whether it be that classic Paula Ryan piece or the coveted Trelise Cooper overcoat, an ‘I couldn’t possibly’ can quickly become an ‘I absolutely must’. Having said that, sale shopping is a massively divisive activity; some view it as a waste of time; perhaps these ladies have made their picks for the season. Others enter the fray with feverish anticipation. There are pros and cons to both sides – even if you are committed to new season wear, you’ll find that often things have cropped up in late season deliveries that you may have missed – or may not have needed- at the front end. Conversely if you become manic in a sale it’s easy to loose perspective and end up with goodies that may not actually be that good; if this is you, then simply approach with caution and possibly a good friend.
What To Wear Right Now Part 1

What’s Hot?

The fashion watchers will be sale searching for items that are currently on the European Summer 2019 Catwalks – well beat them at their own game and snap them up first! Sage and Pistachio are the lighter shades of on-trend Khaki, and will be hues that are huge, so keep your eyes peeled for anything in these tones. Coordinated colour clashing raised its head this season, but will be standing proud next year – so if there are items that you can see suit you, then bank them now. With this summer’s looks so bright and cheerful, there are tons of options to choose from; picture blue and orange, pink and red – even a more conservative black and navy. Silk skirts are big in coming seasons, so think laterally. There may be a silk dress that you can throw a jumper over to create the same effect, or even a skirt that has the same feel as silk, such as cotton satin.
Whats Hot
Sage, Pistachio, Khaki:
Colour Clash:
Silk Skirts:

Beauty And The Basics

Always the best time to grab a few basics, think about autumn layering, warm winter’s days and just a few of your favourite things, then nab them while they are on super duper special. Equally consider the merits of treating yourself to that uber desirable dress that hitherto seemed out of your reach.
Beauty and the basics

Golden Rules

*Don’t buy a size that you wouldn’t normally pick.
*Stick mainly to the designers that you usually favour
*Throw in a random wild card as a treat.
Most importantly ask yourself whether you’re buying something to see out the season, or whether you want it to carry through to next year. Then grab the credit card and go for gold - what better way to bring yourself some holiday cheer?
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Written By Nicky Adams


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