Celebrate Your Femininity And Dress For Success

Women At Work
International Women’s day may or may not have passed you by. For me, it was a little like Shrove Tuesday – I knew pancake day was coming, and had every intention of doing something for it, however before I had time to whip up my batter it had come and gone. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to get on board. Since the premise of this day is to celebrate womanhood in whatever form you think best, for those who love fashion, what better way than to mark its significance every day through your wardrobe?

Power Dressing

This is a term that was coined in the 70s but really came into force in the 80s. In a time when women were increasingly asserting themselves in male dominated work environments, the ‘power suit’ was a massive thing. Whereas in the 80s this translated as all shoulder pads and bold colours, today’s power dressing is a different beast. The 2020 return of the trend for accentuated shoulders has definitely kick started a renewed vision of the power suit. However, the difference is that the 80s were an era of women trying to prove their worth by adopting the masculine and the androgynous – for women now the suit can be everything. Jutting shouldered jackets are worn celebrity style with bared midriff, and instead of the classic cuts, there are softer silhouettes showing power through feminity.
Women At Work


Recently the world has seen some extraordinary examples of women in leadership, women with voice, and women uniting for a common goal. A new generation has grown up with an understanding of the significance of the female voice. This generation is one for which the definition of ‘smart’ is far more fluid; this in turn is reflected in the dress code. Current trends showcase a more relaxed attitude to formality – so we see blazers paired with sneakers or dark suits juxtaposed with white ankle boots. Layering is a technique used for trans-seasonal dressing, and jumpers and coats have become hero pieces. The key is to personalize your look, whether it be white from top to toe, a tux worn for evening wear or an unusual choice of fabric. Own it boss lady.
Women At Work

Confidence In Me

Often women will hold their inner fashionista back – this can be for any number of reasons, from the fear of being too overdressed (will you be in cocktail dress, and everyone else in jeans?), too conspicuous (will everyone else be wearing black while you wear red?), too risqué  (is the outfit too tight / short/plunging). True empowerment is the ability to banish these doubts and strut your stuff – clothes are the ultimate form of self-expression and dressing to reflect the life you want to lead, is perhaps the purest display of self-confidence.
Women At Work
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Written By Nicky Adams


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