Bella Vi

Bella Vi is an exquisite boutique collection of Certified Organic and Naturalceutical Cosmetics, dermatologically tested to care for your skin and designed for the health conscious consumer.
A natural make up range offering skin care qualities, Bella Vi is specifically formulated for all ages and skin types. We aim for excellence in providing a simple, safe and gentle solution for women who love to feel confident and wish to enhance their natural beauty.
The Natural Foundation Specialist, start with the right Bella Vi foundation and discover our high performance and naturally beautiful all day make up with an air brushed flawless finish that feels light and fresh.
Bella Vis's collection is a balanced synergy of certified organic and naturalceutical ingredients help nourish, hydrate and revitalise your skin naturally with key hero ingredients.
Our careful selection of ingredients makes Bella Vi products at harmony with nature and your skin. Experience our range of dermatologically tested products for sensitive skin conditions including; sensitive skin, rosacea, acne skin, pigmentation, oily, normal and dry skin. Bella Vi is ideal to use after specialist treatments such as laser, microdermabrasion, face peels, waxing and intense light therapy.
Bella Vi is one of the most recognised and trusted boutique Certified Organic and Naturalceutical Cosmetics brand in the New Zealand beauty industry.
Bella Vi's gorgeous range is made in Italy.
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