Bella Vi Liquid Foundation (Almond Tan) LQ

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Certified Organic & Dermatologically Tested For Sensitive Skin, Bella Vi’s liquid foundation is Naturally Beautifying, Nourishing • Hydrating with a Velvety Smooth mattifying Texture. The ultimate synergy in combining makeup & skincare enriched in essential vitamins & nutrients

A lightweight concentrated fast drying creamy foundation that works with your skin to help smooth over imperfections to provide an airbrushed flawless coverage while deeply nourishing to revitalise the skins health leaving it feeling silky, light and radiant. Bella Vi is the perfect choice for sensitive skin including acne, rosacea, and pigmentation and can be used after specialist cosmetic procedures and treatments including peels and microdermabrasion.

  • Concentrated & fast drying formula 
  • Velvety smooth, matt full coverage
  • Apply in small areas as it sets quickly to give a full coverage.
  • Use Bella Vi's Flat Top Foundation brush to get the perfect finish: Squeeze a large pea size amount of liquid foundation onto the top of your hand. Then swirl the tip of the makeup brush around to get the perfect amount of coverage. Blend the liquid foundation onto your face in small areas as it sets & dry’s very fast.  
  • Applying the foundation with light feather strokes to gently buff the product onto your skin to fully blend. 
  • Fingers: A little goes a long way with liquid foundation, and you can always add more to areas that need additional coverage. Squeeze a pea size amount of foundation onto the top of your hand,  & use your fingers to warm it up. Apply to small areas of your face using circular motions, taking care to blend and distribute evenly for your desired coverage. Think about blending the foundation lightly, not rubbing it in, and definitely not "slathering" it on. If you need more coverage, add more foundation to your face a dab at a time. Blend your foundation carefully into your jawline, hairline, and around your ears to avoid leaving distinct lines. 
  • Wait 2-3 minutes for foundation to dry. Set your liquid foundation with Bella Vi’s Certified Organic Pressed powder foundation or setting powders Serecite for oily skin types.


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