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Top Three Tips For Spring 2019

What’s Hot - Colours, Prints and Styles To Wow

Top Spring Trends
Just as the blossom bloom, so do the spring trends flourish amongst the racks. Every season it’s hard not to be struck afresh by the beautiful collections that are released by some of our favourite labels. Whilst we may want to grab every single piece and run for the hills, good sense dictates that the trick is to select a few key items to bring our wardrobes up to speed. So rather than get overwhelmed at the choice, factor in the top three style considerations – what’s on trend for colour, print and length. Once you have those nailed, it’s all plain sailing.

It’s Showtime

New Zealand Fashion Week Is Here

 New Zealand Fashion Week
Between 26 August and 1 September, Auckland is rocked by fashion fever. Now in its 19th year, New Zealand Fashion Week, the biggest must-do on the New Zealand calendar is officially upon us. A mix of both leading and emerging designers will be getting into their groove on the catwalk and bringing the joy of a fully-fledged fashion week to Aotearoa. If however, like me, you thought this event was by invitation only, then I’m the bearer of great tidings – it’s not: there are plenty of events for which fashionistas across the land can grab a ticket and join in the fun (

Spring Melody

Hit A High Note In The Latest Looks From Elk

Elk aficionados know that this label only drops each new collection every six months.
Devotees will have been counting the days in anticipation, waiting with baited breath for the latest line to be revealed. Well, the time has come to let out a sigh; brace yourselves, as always the wait is most definitely worth it.

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out

When It Comes To The New Season, Joy Is In The Air

 Suns Out, Funs Out
Spring is without doubt the most exciting time in the fashion calendar. The euphoria is complete when the first week of the new season arrives, and as if by magic the days become filled with brilliant sunshine. With that kind of serendipity at play it’s hard not to cry ay caramba and rip through the new collections with even greater zeal than usual.

Ciao Bella

Twinset- The Label Of Luxe

 Twinset Spring Summer 19
As soon as you realize that the Twinset label is an Italian brand, the pieces all fall into place. The haze clears as you realize that the delicious blend of femininity (romantic yet not too frou-frou), luxurious fabrics and fabulous styling has its roots in the fashion hub of Milan.
It’s impossible not to look at the pieces and feel joy at every single one – Marie Kondo (the ruthless de-clutterer who famously loves to encourage wardrobe clear outs) would not make much headway amongst these racks. 

Caroline Sills

A Brand That Means Business

 Caroline Sills
In a fashion climate where many design houses are tightening their belts, Caroline Sills is comfortably expanding hers. It’s no mean feat to stay relevant and in demand in the world of fashion, so to be able to say that you have been in business for more than 35 years is a wonderful achievement. Even more fabulous is to be able to say that over the last five years you have added to your core business – in this case the signature brand of Caroline Sills now has diffusion label Sills, and little sister Isaac + Lulu.  In addition the label has opened a succession of physical stores, expanding throughout New Zealand.

Grey Power

Age Is No Object In High Fashion

 Grey Power
Sometimes it can be hard to love the signs of ageing, whether you’re 25 and spot your first wrinkle, or 60 and find yourself wondering whether a mini skirt is more Cher and less Chic. Ex UK Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman caused an almighty furor a few weeks ago when she questioned whether ageless beauty Helena Christensen should still be rocking a lace bustier at 50. The implication that sexy should be retired post 40 years old was shot down in an internet storm, and Shulman was left with her tail between her legs, apologizing for the mere suggestion that Helena should be more age appropriate with her choices.

Hot Style On Cold Days

Mix and Match Your Fashion To Beat The Winter Blues

 Ho Style on cold days

I popped into Wendys on the weekend and was greeted by the gorgeous Linda. I was immediately struck with a massive pang of shoe envy. Rocking a pair of snakeskin gladiator sandals she looked totally on trend – but wait, I cried, staring at her bare toes – what are you thinking, it’s WINTER?!  With a withering look, which could have only been given to full effect by a true fashion devotee, she pointed out that while her toes were bare, her merino and maxi skirt were keeping her toasty warm. The point – when it comes to fashion don’t let winter ruin your mojo.

The Seven Deadly Knits

Irresistible Woolens To Take You Through The Week

The Seven Deadly Knits
Knitwear is a seasonal staple, which is great because it means you don’t feel guilty when it comes to replacing and updating your collection. This year has seen knitwear really come into it’s own, not just as a throw on, but also as the hero of the outfit. In fact so cool are the knits out there, that with a little help from your woolly friends every day of the week can scream sartorial style.

Mad for the Met Gala

A Kaleidoscope of Outrageous Style From Fashion’s Biggest Night

 Met Gala 2019
Known as being the biggest fashion event of the year, the Met Gala Ball is extravaganza to trump all others. An annual Charity event, this is the moment when International designers, their muses and a bevvy of handpicked A-list celebrities, all gather to showcase a chosen theme.