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Back With Wendy

Q & A | How To Navigate Our Winter Wardrobes

Back with Wendy
The world has obviously been plunged into something of a fashion hiatus. Staying at home has kept autumn trends in a holding pen for when we venture back out and start to tentatively make steps towards normality.
We chat with Wendy herself to find out how she would recommend navigating the jump in seasons that we have experienced in our wardrobes…

May Staff Style

Our Top Style Picks For The Month

May Staff Style
All of the team at Wendys Boutique and Tilda are so excited to be back together again after 7 weeks of working from home! From 9am tomorrow our doors will be open once again to our wonderful friends and customers! We are so excited to see you all! And to get you excited about shopping again, check out our top staff style choices for the Month!