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Get Yourself That Statement Accessory Without Further Ado

The king of accessories is of course the handbag. I have to confess I often have bursts of severe bag envy, and only last night found myself gazing in a covetous fashion at a black fringed beauty sat over the arm of a chair in a restaurant. Not one to let sleeping bags lie, I got home and googled it. The best feeling of all is when ones fashion perving pays off, and the item is accessible – the bag in question last night was a current season Paula Ryan number. The best part of seeing it in action was that I would have hitherto put this particular bag in the ‘day’ category. Spying it work its magic after dark confirmed that with the right accessories, it was also a lady of the night. 

Its A Wrap

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Draw A Line Under Summer and Embrace The Good Things To Come

If you haven’t even considered that the time is coming to crack out the jackets, then you’re built of sturdier stuff than myself. True, Jack Frost isn’t quite knocking at the door, but we know he’s revving up.
The only benefit of that arctic southerly whipping at your cheeks is that it absolutely gives us an excuse to buy a new coat, and there are some stunning coats and jackets waiting in the wings for their moment to shine this season.

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