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Material Girl

Fabrics and Textures Elevate Trans-seasonal Dressing

Material Girl

Picking outfits that work for changeable weather is key for this time of year. The range of fabric choices that we associate with the warmer months are now in full force – linen, silk, cotton…a veritable smorgasbord of textural delights. Choice of fabric has never been such a hot topic, both for the designers and the consumer, and ‘sustainable’ is not just a buzz word, but more a promise of things to come. The move to make fabric manufacture and production more ethical makes for an exciting time in fashion, and brings us a bevy of new and beautiful materials to invest in. 

Dress Up Time

Races and Wedding Wear: Capture The Perfect Fashion Moment

With spring just getting into its stride it’s the ideal time to make that all important wardrobe choice for the coming months. Whether you’re going to be hunting for an outfit to wear to the races, a dress to dazzle in at a summer wedding, or just a really lovely piece of event wear, now’s the time to start the search.