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Spotlight On: TAYLOR

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Spotlight On Taylor Boutique

Taylor Brings Trans-Seasonal Dressing To Life 

Fresh in for July is a range of stunning pieces from Taylor Boutique. Luxurious fashion that looks so stylish you could weep, the beautiful folds, drapes and flow of each piece come together in perfect synergy. Aimed to give the wearer an aura of effortless style, through a combination of inspired design and beautiful fabric choices, this has been achieved. The cherry on this confectioners delight of a cake is that all of this has been done right here in New Zealand.


Winter Wonderland

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Pick An Outfit That Suits Your Mood This Winter

 Winter Wonderland
There’s no getting away from the fact that when it comes to clothes black is a go-to colour choice for most people. It’s versatile, flattering, easy to mix and match - it certainly ticks an awful lot of boxes. Little wonder New Zealand fashion designers work wonders with it, whether they are creating something avant-garde or an everyday staple garment. Boutique brand Taylor has showcased some uber cool monochrome looks this season, and Paula Ryan can always be counted on for her range of black basics. However this season black is being up-styled, and lovers of the black ensemble will be thrilled with the monochrome looks that are hitting the streets. Black and white paired together has to be the ultimate in timeless, chic, all-season wear.  By adding a splash of white the outfit is lifted immediately, and if you are someone that finds brilliant white a harsh colour to wear, maybe opt for a slightly creamy tone.

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