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Autumn – The Ultimate A-List Season

February Fashion Favourites

Autumn – The Ultimate A-List Season
The latest collections have dropped in store, and to celebrate the occasion Wendys hosted its Grand Opening on Monday  (while Tilda will be flinging its doors open and revealing rail upon rail of new season fashion Monday 17th). Coinciding with the Oscars, for the fashionista it was the perfect day on the style calendar. While Hollywood brought us a snapshot of aspirational haute couture and an overview of some of the trending styles, here in Tauranga, Wendys opening was also one filled with inspiration and dazzling fashion options. The day was bright and sunny, and within the store there were shimmering silks, smooth knit wools and jacquards…a cacophony of colour and texture. Ok so we may not be in LA, but we can still dress like A-listers.

Oh Rats!

Chinese New Year heralds the year of the Rat. Are you ready?

Ok, so a rodent doesn’t necessarily scream glamour, however the Chinese Lunar New Year is cause for huge celebrations. On 25th January the Year Of The Rat was welcomed with fanfare, and parties to mark this will continue for just over a fortnight, finishing with the Lantern Festival on February 8th. During this time Chinese communities across the world will be decorating their homes, throwing parades and generally kicking up their heels as they wish for a happy and prosperous year ahead. A symbol of renewal, wealth and surplus, while the rat is perhaps not the chicest of creatures, the colour code is lucky red, gold, and of course just a dash of super glam.