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A Right Royal Affair

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The Sweet Sensations Of The Big Day

It was hard not to get sucked into the fanfare of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Regardless of how you feel about the royal family or celebrities, or that heady combination of both in the same room, if you have any interest in fashion at all, it was a must watch. The dress of course was always sure to whip us up into a frenzy, but unless you’re about to get married, the influence of that on our lives is limited. On the other hand peeking at the guest wear was, for most of us, voyeurism at its best. The sheer joy of live streaming the wedding guests was impossible to get past. I think it’s slightly churlish to pick out hits and misses, because essentially this was a wedding, and there’s a code of conduct, but when the majority of those before us had the pick of top designers, it’s a great way to get a feel for the fashion waves that will come rippling towards us.

Three Accessories You Need Right Now…

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And One You Never Thought You’d See Again

Now I’ve been waiting for what seems a very long time for hair scrunchies to pull themselves out of the mire of fashion wasteland and make a comeback…and it seems my patience has paid off. Yes, the scrunchie is back! This is a joy that only those that have ripped endless hairs out with cheap elastics will understand. However, while the scrunchie is only ever going to appeal to the very young, the very hip, or those with very sensitive scalps, fear not, they bring with them a whole host of far more attractive accessory options.

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