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Autumn Trends Part 1

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Knocking On New Season’s Door

Autumn Trends Part 1
Everywhere in the fashion world, autumn is met with a frission of excitement. Put bluntly, it’s the biggest whoop of all the seasons. The first autumn issue of any fashion mag is notoriously the meatiest, jammed with delights. Why so? Well, the school year – and in the Southern Hemisphere a new year also - has begun. For many, after the hiatus that summer often brings, work is starting to amp up. It’s a time of renewal, maybe even a personal transformation – and for most of us, if we need a bit of a makeover then the wardrobe is by far the best place to start.

She’s Got Ink

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Wendy Wings Trends Off The Catwalk And To Her Customers

 Shes Got Ink
If you’re a fan of boutique designer brands that consistently nail the new trends, and always seem to be on the money with the latest designs, then no doubt you’ll be waiting for the new season with bated breath. It’s almost here - the moment that you can flick through the rails of autumn looks from the Ink clothing label. The brainchild of Wendy herself, Ink is a line stocked exclusively at Wendys and Tilda. It was created with the aim of bringing to these two stores looks that cannot be found anywhere else in New Zealand.

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