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3 Styles You May Have Avoided

The wonderful thing about fashion is that every season there are styles that come parading down the catwalk that simply won’t flatter anyone unless you’re a slim hipped, firm breasted six-foot Brazilian goddess. It’s impossible not to feel a frisson of excitement teamed with undulated fear at the mere thought of giving it a go ourselves. Now lets face facts – out of all the billions of people on the planet, there are only about 20 supermodels. That should tell us something for starters. This is not how the rest of the population is built and whilst these wild exotic creatures are indeed objects of absolute beauty, they are really not indicative of how the rest of us look or are shaped.

Copy Kate

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Be Budget Conscious With Your Fashion Choices

As we all know, the world is on fire with ‘influencers’. However, for all the hum of the Kardashians, the Hadids, and the bright young things that can be found frippering around the Internet, none have a fraction of the fashion pulling power of the Royal Family. And we’re not just talking the young generation here – Royals have been influencers of fashion for centuries; from Queen Victoria to Princess Margaret, the Queen Mother and the Queen herself, each has impacted hugely on the fashion of the day. The difference is that whereas in the past fashion lovers could for the most part only dream of the outfits that these ladies showcased, now, in an era where accessibility is everything, we can all be in the game.

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