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Getting Shirty

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Working It All Day Long

When it comes to work wear, thank the fashion gods this season, because the shirt is back, and it’s back in a big way. This really is one great piece of office attire that can be moulded into a multitude of looks. Forever a friend, never a foe, the faithful shirt can say so many things, but with so little effort – and its versatility is nothing short of fabulous. The shirt is to fashion what carbohydrate is to a diet, it’s one of the bare essentials, and whether it’s in vogue to love it or hate it, secretly we can’t get enough of it. Fortunately we don’t have that dichotomy this season – talking shirts here, not carbs - because they are absolutely on the nose.

Bag It!

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Get Yourself That Statement Accessory Without Further Ado

The king of accessories is of course the handbag. I have to confess I often have bursts of severe bag envy, and only last night found myself gazing in a covetous fashion at a black fringed beauty sat over the arm of a chair in a restaurant. Not one to let sleeping bags lie, I got home and googled it. The best feeling of all is when ones fashion perving pays off, and the item is accessible – the bag in question last night was a current season Paula Ryan number. The best part of seeing it in action was that I would have hitherto put this particular bag in the ‘day’ category. Spying it work its magic after dark confirmed that with the right accessories, it was also a lady of the night. 

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