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Hot Style On Cold Days

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Mix and Match Your Fashion To Beat The Winter Blues

 Ho Style on cold days

I popped into Wendys on the weekend and was greeted by the gorgeous Linda. I was immediately struck with a massive pang of shoe envy. Rocking a pair of snakeskin gladiator sandals she looked totally on trend – but wait, I cried, staring at her bare toes – what are you thinking, it’s WINTER?!  With a withering look, which could have only been given to full effect by a true fashion devotee, she pointed out that while her toes were bare, her merino and maxi skirt were keeping her toasty warm. The point – when it comes to fashion don’t let winter ruin your mojo.

The Seven Deadly Knits

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Irresistible Woolens To Take You Through The Week

The Seven Deadly Knits
Knitwear is a seasonal staple, which is great because it means you don’t feel guilty when it comes to replacing and updating your collection. This year has seen knitwear really come into it’s own, not just as a throw on, but also as the hero of the outfit. In fact so cool are the knits out there, that with a little help from your woolly friends every day of the week can scream sartorial style.

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