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    Copy Kate

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    Be Budget Conscious With Your Fashion Choices

    As we all know, the world is on fire with ‘influencers’. However, for all the hum of the Kardashians, the Hadids, and the bright young things that can be found frippering around the Internet, none have a fraction of the fashion pulling power of the Royal Family. And we’re not just talking the young generation here – Royals have been influencers of fashion for centuries; from Queen Victoria to Princess Margaret, the Queen Mother and the Queen herself, each has impacted hugely on the fashion of the day. The difference is that whereas in the past fashion lovers could for the most part only dream of the outfits that these ladies showcased, now, in an era where accessibility is everything, we can all be in the game.


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    Days are dull but fashion still pops – 3 easy looks to put together

    The classic mantra ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ sometimes genuinely means that there is quite simply nothing in the wardrobe that’s going to work. Other times it means that you may have stacks of stuff crammed in there, but don’t have the time to bring it out, try it on and create the look you want. I have to confess I have plenty of ingredients, but sometimes the resulting meal is no culinary delight.

    Sale Away

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    Believe it or not, it’s that time already. Just as we’re finding our winter mojo and getting into stride for the season upon us, the fashion gods are smiling down and although not allowing that much coveted dress to actually drop into our lap, they are facilitating the process by starting seasonal sale time. Now while some love a good sale, others are more reticent. If you’re not into sale shopping, maybe it’s because you equate it with rummaging around in the baskets of yesteryear items. This may once have been the case, but with the fashion industry constantly bringing new treats to the table, it’s a way of keeping the loyal customer happier than ever.

    A Right Royal Affair

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    The Sweet Sensations Of The Big Day

    It was hard not to get sucked into the fanfare of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Regardless of how you feel about the royal family or celebrities, or that heady combination of both in the same room, if you have any interest in fashion at all, it was a must watch. The dress of course was always sure to whip us up into a frenzy, but unless you’re about to get married, the influence of that on our lives is limited. On the other hand peeking at the guest wear was, for most of us, voyeurism at its best. The sheer joy of live streaming the wedding guests was impossible to get past. I think it’s slightly churlish to pick out hits and misses, because essentially this was a wedding, and there’s a code of conduct, but when the majority of those before us had the pick of top designers, it’s a great way to get a feel for the fashion waves that will come rippling towards us.

    Three Accessories You Need Right Now…

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    And One You Never Thought You’d See Again

    Now I’ve been waiting for what seems a very long time for hair scrunchies to pull themselves out of the mire of fashion wasteland and make a comeback…and it seems my patience has paid off. Yes, the scrunchie is back! This is a joy that only those that have ripped endless hairs out with cheap elastics will understand. However, while the scrunchie is only ever going to appeal to the very young, the very hip, or those with very sensitive scalps, fear not, they bring with them a whole host of far more attractive accessory options.

    Having A Ball

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    Go Big Or Go Home

    If I could secure myself an invitation to one thing (in the world of things that I have no hope of ever being invited to) – it would be the Met Gala. When I say invitation, a job offer to be toilet attendant for the night would be enough, I mean to simply get over the threshold and be in the presence of such out and out fashion debauchery is all I desire. This extravaganza is considered the Oscars of Fashion; once known as the Costume Institute Gala, it is held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each night is centred on the theme of the new exhibition, and it has been an annual event since 1948.

    Totally Tilda

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    The Top Trends on Main Street

    If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Tilda shoppers love to keep their pleasures simple. Shopping and bubbles – the perfect combo. On May 1 Tilda celebrated the onslaught of winter (ironically the sun was shining) with a bit of a party day, and lovely ladies meandered the boutique, glass in hand. High winter fashion has arrived, and the rails are groaning with delicious combinations.

    Getting Shirty

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    Working It All Day Long

    When it comes to work wear, thank the fashion gods this season, because the shirt is back, and it’s back in a big way. This really is one great piece of office attire that can be moulded into a multitude of looks. Forever a friend, never a foe, the faithful shirt can say so many things, but with so little effort – and its versatility is nothing short of fabulous. The shirt is to fashion what carbohydrate is to a diet, it’s one of the bare essentials, and whether it’s in vogue to love it or hate it, secretly we can’t get enough of it. Fortunately we don’t have that dichotomy this season – talking shirts here, not carbs - because they are absolutely on the nose.

    Bag It!

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    Get Yourself That Statement Accessory Without Further Ado

    The king of accessories is of course the handbag. I have to confess I often have bursts of severe bag envy, and only last night found myself gazing in a covetous fashion at a black fringed beauty sat over the arm of a chair in a restaurant. Not one to let sleeping bags lie, I got home and googled it. The best feeling of all is when ones fashion perving pays off, and the item is accessible – the bag in question last night was a current season Paula Ryan number. The best part of seeing it in action was that I would have hitherto put this particular bag in the ‘day’ category. Spying it work its magic after dark confirmed that with the right accessories, it was also a lady of the night. 

    Its A Wrap

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    Draw A Line Under Summer and Embrace The Good Things To Come

    If you haven’t even considered that the time is coming to crack out the jackets, then you’re built of sturdier stuff than myself. True, Jack Frost isn’t quite knocking at the door, but we know he’s revving up.
    The only benefit of that arctic southerly whipping at your cheeks is that it absolutely gives us an excuse to buy a new coat, and there are some stunning coats and jackets waiting in the wings for their moment to shine this season.


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    Velvet Underground - Loved By Rock Stars, Royalty And Us This Autumn

    Velvet really is the fashion gift that keeps on giving. It can quite literally morph into whatever we want it to; from the firm weave of the tailored jacket, to the softest folds of a pleated skirt. Matt, shiny, embossed – even crushed (although, unfortunately in my wardrobe, crushed is often associated with fashion misses rather than hits). With velvet it’s all about texture. Whilst the versatility of this fabric is one of its draw cards, the association with pure luxe is another.  From black tie to cruising around town, it quite simply rarely fails to look anything other than absolutely fabulous.

    Hey, Good Looking!

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    Autumn is upon us – check out what’s trending for 2018

    No one really likes to wave summer goodbye, but on days when the tail end of a cyclone hit, and the rain comes pouring down, swapping out the floaty frocks for the Autumn/Winter trends suddenly starts to look pretty exciting. So the slightly halfhearted peeks at what’s to come, start to become a frenzied riffle through the racks, because the race is on – the chances are if it’s occurred to us, then the rest of the fashion loving southern hemisphere are thinking it too, and lets face it, any self respecting fashion forward chick wants to be the first to crack into the woven wools and tweeds that we have seen hitting the shelves.

    My Twin Set experience in Florence

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    Having just returned from Europe, I was so excited to visit the fabulous Twin Set by Simona Barbieri store in Florence, Italy.
    The actual store was beautiful with stylish fabric rose lights and clean modern fixtures...

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