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The Flash Pack

London Fashion Awards 2019

The Flash Pack
Red carpet awards are always a bit of a crystal ball fashion moment. For fashionistas waiting in the wings, it’s a chance to revel in the top looks of the moment, but also to try to predict the direction the wave that mainstream fashion will take us in. The London Fashion Awards are a celebration of all things creative and innovative. And you can bet your bottom dollar that this is definitely an occasion for which the guests would have donned their most fashion forward look. 

Material Girl

Fabrics and Textures Elevate Trans-seasonal Dressing

Material Girl

Picking outfits that work for changeable weather is key for this time of year. The range of fabric choices that we associate with the warmer months are now in full force – linen, silk, cotton…a veritable smorgasbord of textural delights. Choice of fabric has never been such a hot topic, both for the designers and the consumer, and ‘sustainable’ is not just a buzz word, but more a promise of things to come. The move to make fabric manufacture and production more ethical makes for an exciting time in fashion, and brings us a bevy of new and beautiful materials to invest in. 

Dress Up Time

Races and Wedding Wear: Capture The Perfect Fashion Moment

With spring just getting into its stride it’s the ideal time to make that all important wardrobe choice for the coming months. Whether you’re going to be hunting for an outfit to wear to the races, a dress to dazzle in at a summer wedding, or just a really lovely piece of event wear, now’s the time to start the search.

What To Wear – How To Wear It

Take The Trend And Make It Your Own

 What to wear - How to wear it
With the season well and truly underway, the looks that are key trends are now firmly in place. From the resurgence of old favourites like puff sleeves to new obsessions, picking key pieces and deciding how they fit into your look or wardrobe is the exciting part. Flitting through the colours and styles that will make you stand out from the crowd is, lets’ face it, exhilarating. There are plenty of looks out for spring that just jump out for their ease of wear. Then there are the styles that will make the wearer an individual; there are also the pieces that will segue seamlessly from day to night. The big trends are here, and ready to be styled to suit.

An Evening With Elk

Sustain Your Fashion Fix With Elk Label

An Evening With Elk
Wendys recently hosted an event with guest speakers from the Elk brand. The inside scoop on the latest collection is always incentive enough to justify an evening out, but throw in bubbles and canapés and it’s a no brainer. Of course the biggest lure is that you love the brand itself, and looking around the room two things were obvious. Firstly it was packed with ladies who clearly appreciate the beauty of Elk. Secondly it’s clear that there is no such thing as a typical Elk fan.

Seeing Red

Top Looks From The 2019 Emmy Awards Ceremony

 Seeing Red
Red Carpet Award Ceremonies are always a feast for the fashion eye. It goes without saying that on the one hand for the majority of us, the outfits are never going to translate directly into our wardrobes. However, on the other hand the inspiration that can come from these extravaganzas is simply immeasurable. These events are always fantastic indicators of not only what’s to come in the fashion forecast, but also how we can put things together in a fashion forward way. We are being presented oodles of raw material to work into our lives.

Top Three Tips For Spring 2019

What’s Hot - Colours, Prints and Styles To Wow

Top Spring Trends
Just as the blossom bloom, so do the spring trends flourish amongst the racks. Every season it’s hard not to be struck afresh by the beautiful collections that are released by some of our favourite labels. Whilst we may want to grab every single piece and run for the hills, good sense dictates that the trick is to select a few key items to bring our wardrobes up to speed. So rather than get overwhelmed at the choice, factor in the top three style considerations – what’s on trend for colour, print and length. Once you have those nailed, it’s all plain sailing.

It’s Showtime

New Zealand Fashion Week Is Here

 New Zealand Fashion Week
Between 26 August and 1 September, Auckland is rocked by fashion fever. Now in its 19th year, New Zealand Fashion Week, the biggest must-do on the New Zealand calendar is officially upon us. A mix of both leading and emerging designers will be getting into their groove on the catwalk and bringing the joy of a fully-fledged fashion week to Aotearoa. If however, like me, you thought this event was by invitation only, then I’m the bearer of great tidings – it’s not: there are plenty of events for which fashionistas across the land can grab a ticket and join in the fun (

Spring Melody

Hit A High Note In The Latest Looks From Elk

Elk aficionados know that this label only drops each new collection every six months.
Devotees will have been counting the days in anticipation, waiting with baited breath for the latest line to be revealed. Well, the time has come to let out a sigh; brace yourselves, as always the wait is most definitely worth it.

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out

When It Comes To The New Season, Joy Is In The Air

 Suns Out, Funs Out
Spring is without doubt the most exciting time in the fashion calendar. The euphoria is complete when the first week of the new season arrives, and as if by magic the days become filled with brilliant sunshine. With that kind of serendipity at play it’s hard not to cry ay caramba and rip through the new collections with even greater zeal than usual.