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Back with Wendy

The world has obviously been plunged into something of a fashion hiatus. Staying at home has kept autumn trends in a holding pen for when we venture back out and start to tentatively make steps towards normality. No one is underestimating the impact that this time will have had on so many people, businesses and the economy. Fashion, which in so many ways is considered a luxury or frivolous, is also underpinned by the fact that it serves the most basic function of making you look good, which in turn does wonders for lifting the spirits.
So whether you have spent some of your lock down time hunting for golden finds in the back of your wardrobe, or giving your shelves a well needed sort, it may be that you have realized you need one or two basics to carry through to this new season. And even if you don’t, then simply sifting through the stunning new season styles is a lovely way to catch up with the looks that will be brightening up this transitional time.
We chat with Wendy herself to find out how she would recommend navigating the jump in seasons that we have experienced in our wardrobes…
Q....Wendy, we’ve obviously had a few weeks out of the fashion loop, so if you are planning on buying for the new season, how would you suggest going about it?
A....I would suggest starting with your wardrobe staples such as your jeans, black pants or the pants you have that go with lots, then look at your knitwear pieces – do they need updating?  A good jacket or coat is always needed.  Check your boots – are they still looking good or do they need an update?  Refreshing your staples is the best starting point.
Back With Wendy
Q....Do you feel as though we’ve missed the opportunity to strut our Autumn stuff?
A....Not at all!  The weather is only just starting to change and if anything, the fashion season may line up more with our climate rather than being so far ahead all the time. We have more autumn winter new arrivals to come! And the best thing is you will be able to wear them straight away!
Q....Which pieces are popping for you most currently?
A....I love the colours that Standard Issue have used this season, strong Autumn Winter tones of mustard, rust, olive and berry.  A lot of their knitwear is constructed in a finely woven knit, but beautifully warm for layering.  My favourite piece – the Radial Skivvy.  I particularly love pairing it with the Trelise Cooper checked coats and the Paula Ryan lace up boots.
Back with Wendy
Q....Whilst you’ve been operating an amazing online service over the lock-down period, what excites you the most about having your doors back open again?
A....Seeing all my lovely customers and our team of girls!  Whilst we are very grateful for the online store orders, I am able to return to the stores to work with the girls in creating a more overall fashion look.  Shopping in stores have taken on a new dimension for the future.  We are working hard to ensure safety and hygiene measures are kept in place constantly for our customers and for our staff.
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Written By Nicky Adams

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