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Classic Good Looks

The movie of the moment has to be A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga taking the role played by Barbara Streisand in the 1976 remake of the original film. It’s fascinating to see that since making the movie, Lady Gaga, once known for her borderline crazy fashion choices (think her Meat Dress that once graced –or disgraced- the Red Carpet) is now making a whole new style statement. Slick, sophisticated and downright stunning, she has been working old-school Hollywood glamour to the max. And really, when it comes to iconic style status, La-La Land has given us some screen goddess moments that have stood the test of time like no other fashion movement.

Audrey Hepburn ft: The Little Black Dress

If we’re talking style queen supreme, there’s no getting past Audrey Hepburn. She really was a woman that personified the word style. Understated, classic and elegant in the extreme, despite the fact that Coco Chanel is credited as the creator of the Little Black Dress, the Givenchy dress worn by Hepburn in 1961s a Breakfast At Tiffany’s made cinematic history. Arguably it was this dress that put the LBD quite so firmly on the map. Fashion may have evolved, but style has stood still, and for most women a simple black dress is considered a staple. It is something that will carry her from day to night, boardroom to school drop off, and even on the puffiest day when water retention is hitting an all time high, will allow its wearer to feel truly fabulous.
Classic Good Looks Audrey Hepburn

Sophia Loren ft: 50's Summer

One of my all time favourite fashion influencers to have beamed into our front rooms has to be the Italian screen siren Sophia Loren. This vixen showcased the fashions from the 50s onwards, and remains, to this day, an inspiration. Her status is not just because of her endless style, but also for her belief in the power of self-confidence: “sex appeal is fifty-percent what you’ve got and fifty-percent what people think you’ve got”. Perhaps this is why she has managed to look as amazing rocking a classic 50s cotton summer dress as she did a taffeta ball gown. It certainly highlights why even today at the age of 82, she continues to look at dazzling as ever.
Sophia Loren

Marilyn Monroe ft: Everyday Wear

Of course the most infamous icon of femininity and sexuality has to be Marilyn Monroe, and her contribution to fashion is mammoth. While the white pleated halter neck dress that blows in the wind in The Seven Year Itch is the one that has gone down in history, Marilyn would, by modern day standards, be considered the ultimate influencer. Perhaps this is because aside from the gowns for which she is so well known – think pink satin in Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend – she also impacted on everyday wear. Visualise body-con dresses, pencil skirts, off the shoulder tops, belted jersey dresses, soft knits, super high-waist jeans and neckerchiefs: all as relevant now as they were then.
Marilyn Monroe

Katharine Hepburn ft: Tailored Style

Despite Hollywood’s penchant for gloss, one woman managed to put glamour and androgynous in the same sentence with her love of men’s tailoring. That woman was Katharine Hepburn, who, not only wore pants, but also managed to turn them into a style statement. This set her apart not only in the 1930s, but also for decades after. Such was her impact on the history of fashion, that she was recognized by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, who honoured her with a lifetime achievement award for her ‘strong personal style’ and for inspiring generations of fashion designers’.  Now, that’s the real meaning of power dressing.
Katharine Hepburn
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Written By Nicky Adams


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