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 Day Dreams
With the warm weather cranking up to delicious heights and the festivities of embracing a new year still fresh in our minds, even though most people are starting to filter back to work, it still feels as though the summer break is in full swing. Whether it’s visiting family, tripping around the countryside or flying further afield, it’s a great time to enjoy a holiday. And we all know what that means…from clothing to jewellery - the all important summer holiday wardrobe.

New Looks

For many (me included) picking an outfit during the holiday period tends to be something you can take a little more time over.  Days are longer, evenings are lighter – all this gives you just a little extra time to nail that perfect look. Joy of joys if you are on holiday from work and you’re not rushing in from the office or trying to multi-task as you give the kids their tea, you might actually have more than a five minute turn around time to put an outfit together. All in all, with the pressure off it’s the perfect time to take a new perspective on your outfits – or at least some perspective. So take a look at what you have in the wardrobe and add key pieces. Layering (try a Tee under a maxi), juxtaposing fabrics, clashing prints (checks and floral) or adding unexpected accessories – take your look to a new sartorial level.
 Day Dreams 1

Comfort Zone

If bumming around at the bach is what this holiday is all about, then this is your time to shine. This is the point in the year when resort wear, which sometimes feels incongruous when pulled out at the wrong time, looks totally, utterly phenomenal. Even if your usual vibe is polished, street, or suited and booted - relaxed sophistication is what this time of year is all about. And resort-wear lovers’ will be the first to tell you that this look has diversified to the point that it’s no longer just the Kaftan that’s the go-to. There are a number of labels doing this style super well, and they have brought a variety of fabric choices and cuts to the table. So if you thought the chic, floaty look was the preserve of those genetically blessed model types – re-think and have a try.
Comfort Zone

Fancy Dress

The summer events are still in full swing, so it’s still important to keep ahead of the game and have some super duper looks at your fingertips. Whether it’s a lovely piece for the races, something eye-catching for the cricket or a little number for a festival, it’s mission critical to get it right. So often you want to get the outfit for the day spot on, but still ensure that it’s something that’s going to get plenty of wear through the following months. This season there really is lots to choose from, with the trends for natural fibres such as silk and linen, offering masses of versatility as well as a great crossover between casual and a more polished look.
Fancy Dress
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Written By Nicky Adams


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