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 Jump Start Autumn
It’s known as easy-wear, and beneath those carefully coiffured exteriors, even the most superbly primped and polished ladies love a bit of cosy, comfy autumn knitwear. And it’s that time of year when its moment has come upon us – that morning chill in the air that calls for next level coverage. As if by magic the boutique designer knitwear is hitting the shelves, but is flying out as fast as it’s coming in, so clearly there are lots of cool-clime lovers out there.


The first thing you’ll notice about this season’s knitwear is that it’s absolutely everywhere – it’s not just sweaters: it’s ponchos, it’s snoods, it’s capes, it’s dresses, it’s jackets. You name it and it’s been knitted, and the versatility in the style of knit is stupendous. The whole remit has been covered, from cable to ribbon-rib, Fair Isle to Aran. It’s clear that modern knitwear is benefiting from the joys of technological advancements in the industry, and never have there been so many beautiful, sophisticated pieces. Homespun elegance has been taken to a new level, and looks that would have previously been in danger of being fuddy-duddy are now appearing as catwalk magic.

Stunning Staples

Ponchos have a huge presence this season, and are the ultimate in throw-on chic. On the other end of the spectrum fashion bloggers and instagrammers are going crazy for cropped cable knits (great paired with high waist boyfriend jeans).  If you don’t want to go super-stomach bearing crop (whether through modesty or practicality, think winter chill on the midriff), then check out the Random Cable Neck Sweater, which offers a tad more coverage. The long length cardigan style sweater is an absolute wardrobe staple, great for extra warmth outside, but stylish to keep on indoors if you find yourself in a place with less central heating than you may like. Then there’s the traditional jumper and cardigan – but appearing in so many colours, textures and patterns, it’s simply a joy to sift through them.
Stunning Staples

Knits With A Twist

If you were wondering about the wisdom of taking a plunge with a jumper dress, then be reassured. Unlike the 80s version, which often made the wearer look like she was doubling as an extra on a Bucks Fizz music video, the 2019 look is far more flattering and way more elegant. Another look that is back, but so much better this time round, is the sleeveless knit. Humidity has a roll-neck vest with back detailing, which can be worn as is, or layered. Feature sleeves, which are a big trend, have made their way onto our trusty jumpers. The Lania Tape mesh knit sweater has a cool puff sleeve, while the Random Everly has a beautiful bell sleeve feature.
Knits with a twist

Natural Temptation

For those that are seduced by the luxe of natural fibres, they will be delighted to find that designers are becoming super smart with the composition of their knitwear ranges. While natural fibres are delicious, they often come hand in hand with impractical care instructions. By adding synthetic fibres into the mix, this can not only often make the items far easier to care for, but can add to their lifespan, and – most importantly - the look. Take the mohair/ merino/nylon mix in the Humidity Starry Night and Urban Stripe sweaters; here you have the wow of the mohair with the softness of nylon and warmth of merino. Also more apparent is that these beautiful natural fibres are becoming increasingly competitive with their pricing. And with affordable cashmeres mixes on the market, such as the cotton combo from Birdie, from our perspective it’s a win-win situation.
Natural Temptations


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Written By Nicky Adams


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